5 Things to do NOW to Relieve Finals Stress LATER

1. Move your work from the places above your head.

Put your books, binders, and papers below eye level, so you don’t constantly feel like you have work looming over your head.


2. Compartmentalize

If you take a break from doing work to watch Netflix, try moving to your bed while you watch it. Designate your desk for times when you are working and your bed for times when you are relaxing. This small change will train your brain into being in working mode and relaxing mode in those designated spots.



3. Schedule time for fun

Whether you unwind by working out, painting, reading, watching Netflix, reading, or anything that makes you happy, keep it in your schedule. You need to reward yourself for working hard for your grades. Your brain also needs a break from the constant work.  

4. Practice making to-do lists now

I use the chrome extension called momentum, and it has made my life more organized. It is good to see physically crossed-off things on your to-do list so that you can see the progress you are making.  


5. Get in the habit of crossing one thing off your to-do list before getting ready for the day

I have gotten into the habit of waking up and doing one thing on my to-do list before doing my hair and makeup for class. Whether it is just sending an email or printing out one of you assignments, do one easy thing before getting ready. It will give you a productive start to your day.