5 Healthy Snacks to Stimulate Your Brain During Finals

As we head into finals week, here are five healthy snacks (one for each day of finals) to improve brain function and keep you energized. These are easy finds at Trader Joe’s, Target, or Star Market. Keep in mind that some of the packaged options might contain additives, so try to choose snack options with low sodium and little added sugar to stimulate your brain flow.

Let’s get started!

Hummus and Carrots

Carrots contain luteolin, which reduces age-related memory deficits and brain inflammation. Hummus is a great option to pair it with because it’s high in protein and easy to grab on the go. Just grab one of the single-serving Sabra hummus containers and a bag of carrots on your way out the door.

                                                                                      Courtesy of My Coupon Expert


Broccoli contains vitamin K, which is shown to improve cognitive function. Get your healthy, crunchy broccoli fix at Trader Joe’s with their broccoli florets.

                                                                                               Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Berries and Dark Chocolate

For a fun snack that satisfies your sugar cravings, a cup of berries topped with dark chocolate chips, which are rich in tannins that protect brain cells and improve memory. The flavonols in chocolate improve blood vessel function, which also improved brain function and memory. Or for those of us who want to just grab something from the cupboard on our way out the door, try this freeze dried berry blend from Target.

                                                                                                     Courtesy of Target

Pumpkin Seeds

A handful of pumpkin seeds contains your daily value of zinc, which enhances mental agility. Get your daily serving by chowing down on a Kind: Maple Pumpkin Seed bar on the go.

                                                                                               Courtesy of Kind

Nut Butter on Whole Wheat

Nut butters contain monosaturated fats that keep your heart healthy and might lower your risk of Alzheimer's. Combine several of these healthy snacks as a decorative and healthy addition to your typical toast.

                                                                                        Courtesy of Eating Bird Food