TV Shows to Watch During This Social Distancing

This is a part two of my Netflix recommendations, if you want to give the first part a read here’s the link :) So during this social distancing house arrest, I have been binge watching TV shows like crazy. The following list of tv show are in the genre of comedy, romance, and/or action. 




Seasons: 9 (on Netflix)/ Episodes per Season: 12/ Duration of Episodes: ~50mins.

This show is so controversial but so hilarious too. It is not for everybody and it also has a lot of inappropriate scenes so, you’ve been warned. The show is about a family of six kids dealing with their upbringing on the harder side of Chicago. They are basically being raised by the oldest, Fiona because their junkie mother is MIA and their father is an alcoholic. It is a crude show, like I said not for everybody but it’s good. 

P.S. Season 10 is already on Showtime app, but it will probably be on Netflix until September. 



Jane the Virgin 

Seasons: 5/ Episodes per Season: ~20/ Duration of Episodes: ~40mins.

This is a very emotional show that I cried and enjoyed so much. It is about 23-year-old Jane who gets pregnant due to an accidental artificial insemination. The sperm that was inseminated was from Jane’s old crush and throughout the first season she is trying to find out if she should keep the baby. They speak a lot about immigration and have minority and LGBTQ+ representation. 



Money Heist

Seasons: 4/ Episodes per Season: ~8/ Duration of Episodes: ~50mins. 

Money Heist, AKA La Casa de Papel, is a show from Spain that has become so popular. I love their voices (you need to watch it in Spanish, just like Elite). It is about nine robbers that are going to do the greatest money heist in the history of Spain. They are led by the Professor and the nine robbers have the names of cities from all around the world like Denver, Tokyo, Berlin, etc. Things get hard and unexpected things happen, very worth the watch. 

P.S. Denver’s laugh is one of the greatest things ever, I love that guy.



Orange is the New Black 

Seasons: 7/ Episodes per Season: 13/ Duration of Episodes: ~55mins.

I love this show (I love the other ones too but this one I recently re-watched). It is very emotional and real but also explicit. It begins with Piper Chapman on her way to prison with her fiancée Larry. What I love about this show is that they don’t only focus on her, in each episode they show the lives of the main inmates before they went to prison and the reasons as to why they are in prison. There are many injustices and you get so attached to the characters that you get angry too. 

P.S. Pennsatucky is one of my favorite characters. At first you won’t understand why but trust me. 



The Fosters

Seasons: 5/ Episodes per Season: ~20/ Duration of Episodes: ~45mins. 

This is one of the shows I am currently binge watching. This show has me crying constantly because it is such an emotional one. It has minority and LGBTQ+ representation, speaks about foster families, adoption, prostitution, and immigration. The show is about two interracial women, Stef and Lena, that are partners, they are the Adams Foster, that decide to foster Callie and Jude. Callie and Jude are two siblings that come from an abusive foster home. The Adams Foster family have a son, Brandon, that is biological from one of the women, Stef, and two adopted Latinx twins, Mariana and Jesus. Their stories are so interesting and also very real and relatable. They demonstrate real-life hardships. I think this show is so underrated and deserves much more recognition. 

P.S. there is a spin-off (on Hulu) about Callie and Mariana called Good Trouble. That is what I am binge watching next!



I hope you enjoy these shows. It is socially acceptable to binge watch shows during the week now so enjoy it while you can, I know I am! Remember to stay inside, be safe, practice social distancing and wash your hands! If we want this all to calm down we need to work together to help minimize the COVID-19 spread.