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Wanna know how to relieve some stress of the semester while still following COVID-19 guidelines? I am sure that at this point in the year, many people have started feeling a bit lonely. We are interacting in person far less than we have for pretty much our whole lives. This includes introverts like me who prefer to be alone. There is something that you might not realise that you are missing, but for some people who are not in relationships and spend a lot of time with their friends virtually. Most people have roommates or live with their families. For few, physically showing how you care is normal, but for most; getting a hug is a special treat. 


Do yourself and your roommates a huge favor. Make giving hugs a normal thing to do between you. Most people know and have experienced the massive benefits of hugs, they can relieve stress, make you feel less lonely, make you feel loved, and even start relieving the physical pain that manifests itself from stress, but no doctor will ever tell you that. 


Ways to approach the people you live with for a hug.

  • Sneak attack: Do your roommates sit in a chair with their back exposed? Scaring them is a sure way to get them to do it to you back. It should result in giggles, if they get unreasonably mad, it's a good sign not to sneak up on them for any reason. REspect each other's boundaries. 

  • Squeeze them until they squeak: Don’t hurt them, but try making it fun and friendly. Hugs aren't meant to be stressful. 

  • When you notice someone looks stressed or sad, ask if they’d like a hug: Hugs do wonders for people when life has it out for them. Life seems to have it out for us all right now, so being friendly like this can really make a difference. 

  • Make offering and asking a habit: Just ask if someone would like a hug, offer it if they look tired. At first it might seem weird, but after a while it’ll be normal and beneficial. 

  • Just give them one: Sometimes someone looks like they need one and never gets it. Be the person who gives them that hug.


In all seriousness, only give hugs to people you live with right now because we are still in a pandemic. People are afraid of physical contact right now as a result, but most of us need it. Be respectful and loving to everyone, especially the people you live with. Keep being awesome and give out those hugs. 


An Art History major with a minor in Museum Conservation. Interested in Photography, Art History, Art Law and travel.
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