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With the stress of school, work, and having a social life, we often do not have time to properly take care of ourselves. It is crucial to take the time to pamper ourselves so that we feel our best throughout the day and the long weeks. So, when you are able to find the time, take a few hours to treat yourself and your body and soul will be thanking you. Here are some of my favorite things to do during my “me time.”

  • Take a warm bath or shower

During this, you can exfoliate, shave if you wish, and really scrub yourself clean. I also love to do hair masks during this time. These have the ability to make your sometimes dry hair feel really moisturized and they often smell super good. After your shower, lotion up and get in some cozy pajamas.


  •  Do a face mask

You can either buy a cheap one at the store or research how to make your own. This is just a little extra step that makes you feel as if you are really doing the whole self care thing. Is it really helping your skin? Probably not, but it is fun and who doesn’t love to do a face mask.

  •  Do all of the things you have been putting off

I have to take the time to tackle this stuff all of the time. For me, this usually includes plucking my eyebrows and painting my nails. I completely forget about these things when I am busy. This is just a little something that makes you feel better.

  • Clean your makeup brushes

This might sound like an odd thing to include, but it is SO important. So many people forget to properly care for their makeup brushes and it can have an abundance of negative effects on their skin. Look up some ways to clean your makeup brushes and decide which is best for you. When I am cleaning my brushes I use a mild soap and some water to get the job done. Lay them out to dry and thank yourself in the morning!


  • Take a nap

I know you are busy, but if you have the time, take it to get some extra sleep. Sometimes a little nap is all we need to feel completely refreshed and can often turn a bad day around.

  • Ultimately, do what YOU want to do

This is your day, so if you have things that you like to do but do not have time to do, do them today. Take a walk around the block, read a book, lay in bed and watch Netflix, workout, clean your apartment, bake a cake, or visit a friend. This day is for you, spend it doing something that makes you happy.

These self care days are a reward for all of the hard work you have been doing. Set a day every week, or every month in your planner and know that it is your day to take a step back from the stresses of life to take care of yourself. You will end up looking forward to these days and they will help you push through the rest of your week. Hope you all enjoyed these ideas!


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