Midterm Tips

It’s getting to be that time again. The dreaded midterm session. Soon, coffee cups and take out bags will be overflowing from trash cans and the libraries will no longer have any power outlets available. Every college student knows the importance of this testing session and what it means for them. But one thing we all tend to do during this oh-so wonderful time of year is stress and what most people don’t know it how badly stress can affect your body. 


Besides the usual lack of sleep or appetite, stress can also be the cause of your seemingly never ending cold or the reason why you don’t seem to have a pep in your step anymore. Stress can cause headaches, stomachaches and even more and college during midterms is the last place and time you want any of this to happen. 


So, in the spirit of this stress inducing time here are a few tips to help everyone through the season. 


First things first- studying. Probably the most essential part of getting ready for midterms and probably the one reason you aren’t getting enough sleep. You pull all-nighters to finish the review guide or to finish reading through the chapters you kept putting off. While this seems like a good idea at the time, let me be the one to tell you that it’s not. Not getting enough sleep, especially the night before an exam, can put a lot of unneeded stress on your body. 


Tip #1: Try to plan out your studying and set a starting and stopping time. Make sure you get enough sleep to be ready and rested for the next day.


Homework- This is always the most infuriating portion of midterms session, mainly because your professors don’t seem to understand you have four to five other classes to worry about and keep assigning more homework on top of study and review guides. 


Tip #2: Like studying, step up a type of schedule, leaving enough time to get at least some work done for each class. 


Tip #3: I know it sounds like a long shot but try speaking with your professors. Most are pretty understanding and may be willing to give an extension or work something out with you for turning assignments in.  


Free Time- This may seem to be the best part of midterms, but it can be a real killer too. Having free time during a busy spell is a blessing in disguise as it allows you to get to things done that are not school related like hanging with friends, doing house work or, my ultimate favorite, doing absolutely nothing. But just like studying it can get out of hand.


Tip #4: Have fun and relax!


Tip #5: Don’t let the fun get out of hand. Make sure to get to bed on time and if you are out with friends, doing whatever you do, make sure to be careful. 


Tip #6: Don’t drink too much coffee, energy drinks or alcohol, Do drink a lot of water. Coffee and anything may seem like a good idea at the time, but sugar crashes are real, and they hurt sometimes! Do yourself a favor and limit the sugary, caffeine intake and drink some water. As for alcohol, I’m all for partying with your friends at the first free chance but don’t let it become detrimental. Drinking too much can lead to hangovers (which are never fun) and the ability sleep through alarms, which means missing classes and/or exams. 

If you seem to attract stress like a magnet there are a few other tips to try:

  • Meditating
  • Reading, listening to music or anything you find relaxing 
  • Taking a warm (or hot) shower or bath for a long period of time 
  • Yoga/Exercise

There are many ways to help you relax and stay stress free during midterm session and not everything that works for someone is going to work for you. Play around and find the best fit for getting the most out of your schedule and what works best for you. The biggest part is to stay focused and motivated and remind yourself that you have a goal and that midterms is merely a steppingstone on your way to achieving it.      

Now go out there and kick some midterm butt!