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We all know that midterms are not fun, but there are some tips that you can take into consideration to make the preparation less stressful! Whether you are staying up all hours of the night studying, or are stressing about the idea of studying, hopefully this will ease the pain a bit.


Mental health always comes first

Do not stress yourself out too much while studying for midterms or for any exam for that matter. If you feel too stressed out: try some stressbuster activities on campus, go for a run or walk, take a warm shower, take a nap, or listen to calming music. Do not drink too many energy drinks! Remember that your mental health is the most important thing and you need to take care of yourself before you study.


Make sure you do not wait until the last minute!

We all know that procrastination is a growing problem for students. Sometimes when studying is presented you may think that you have to study everything in one night to make it stick. What you should do instead, is divide your studying into segments. Study the separate parts over a period of days, and stay organized!


Be organized ahead of time

Having multiple exams to study for may seem like a hassle. You may not know which one to study for first or how to organize the time. Study for the exams that are the most upcoming. Make sure you have all your study materials ready to go so you can study for the next exam when it comes. Be sure what you’re studying is the right material and only study what you need to study. Being organized will make your studying experience a little easier on you.


Tips for studying

When you study make sure you are focused and not distracted. I see your phone out! Yes, put everything away that will distract you. You can call your boyfriend/girlfriend later. If you like to study in quiet places, go to the library. If you like to study with music, put on music that you won’t sing every single word to (maybe instrumentals or ambient noise). If you study better with a group of people, make sure you have scheduled study dates so it won’t conflict with your other studying/homework. Even if you like studying in a room full of talking people, stay focused on your material! Make the studying easier for yourself. If the material is hard, then break it down into smaller segments. Make sure you are understanding what you are studying. If you get stuck on anything and do not understand the material at all, be sure to ask you professors, TA’s, or classmates.


Hopefully these tips will help you through your studying. Good luck on your midterms!


I am a Journalism Major at New Mexico State University.
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