Introvert? Extrovert?


This year started off great, I was with my best friends and the semester started off in full swing with an excitement I had never thought I would have for going to school. It didn’t take long for the stress to settle in, but I was okay with that, because I loved what I was doing. During this whole time there was a looming knowledge that Covid-19 would hit our state sooner or later and that people and societies around the world we’re already being heavily affected. I started worrying about some of my global friends, even more so for the ones with compromised immune systems and their families. Pretty soon after this concern hit me, New Mexico got its first cases. 

The state government acted swiftly and as a result our state is dramatically behind the curve. All of the universities here decided to extend their spring breaks, as it hit right at that time, and then transition to online learning for the remainder of the semester. Many of my professors have done an excellent job at adjusting their schedules and curriculum and I want to thank them for that. 

A month into this endeavor, I spend my days scrolling through instagram, missing my travels and my friends and seeing an endless mob of memes that talk about the difference between people who are introverted and extroverted during this time of social isolation. Many of them are funny, and relatable. One thing, I don’t think people realise is that there is a spectrum and an extreme introvert or extrovert is a rare occurrence, so much so that extreme introverts are typically outcasts from society and earn themselves nicknames like: hermit, shut-in, hikikomori, etc. Many of these nicknames do not have positive outlooks and I do not think people realise how even people of the introvert side of the spectrum will soon start to feel the effects. 

It may not be as extreme, or set in quite as early, but people are typically social animals. We like to have close connections and as common knowledge says, hugs can release endorphins and relieve stress. Something that people who live on their own, do not get frequently, even in a time where it's okay to leave the house. 

I myself, live somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, I do okay in social and isolated settings. But I get lonely easily, a reason I went and got my dog from my parents who live far away. I also get exhausted faster than most in social settings. I have found this time to be difficult to go through. I am losing motivation and instead of doing any type of work I want to waste away on my couch or in my bed. I have been going to bed earlier and waking up later. A bad habit, I know.

I think that especially during this time, we need to be reaching out to our introverted friends and making sure they’re doing okay. A text or a phone call can go a long way to make someone feel loved. If you have a particular, introverted friend in mind, reach out to them right now. Do not forget the people who are normally fine without you, they might not be right now.