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The time of the mid-semester slump has made its arrival. This is the time when students are starting to gear up for finals, and are just mentally recovering from midterms. This is also the time when we are starting to replace coffee for actual food and we are starting to get warm and cozy for winter. This can also be a really daunting time as all of the things that you have been putting off are starting to get to you. Here are some ways that you can help battle the mid-semester slump: 

Go On An Adventure 

If you go on an adventure, this will give you time to clear your head and make sure that you are getting out of the house. This could be as simple as going to the shopping center or going on a hike. You could also make a weekend trip and go on an adventure with your friends. 

Keep To A Schedule

The time of the mid-semester slump is the time when we start skipping classes, losing focus on our assignments, and not taking care of our own bodies. If you commit to keeping a schedule of times where you do things other than schoolwork, you are guaranteed to feel much better than you do now. You can do this by even just using the calendar app on your phone, and writing down times when you are supposed to wake up, when you are supposed to go to classes and when you are supposed to eat your meals. It can help you add balance to your life. 

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Find A Study Method That is Effective

Studying can be very frustrating as a student because you can feel like you are studying your entire life away without results. This can also be improved by finding effective study methods that allow you to focus on your schoolwork and learn the material. You can do this by using the Pomodoro method, which is working for 25 minutes, then taking a short break, then reapplying yourself in your schoolwork. 

Pick Up A New Hobby 

By picking up a new hobby, you might grow passionate about something that is other than what your major is. It might also give you something to do other than your major and find new helpful coping methods, which can give you personal fulfillment. This could be something as simple as crocheting, making friendship bracelets, or going hiking with your friends.

Hello, I'm Rose! I am a freshman currently studying secondary education with an emphasis in history with a minor in music, religious studies and Spanish. I write about politics, schoolwork, and religion.
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