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College Survival: 3 Habits to Improve Mental Health



From figuring out what classes to take to filling out your FAFSA applications, your brain is probably fried, right? Being a college student takes up so much mental energy that it actually affects physical and emotional aspects. Imagine having a job on the side, extracurriculars and never ending assignments? The list could go on, but I’d rather recommend a much more beneficial list that has helped me as an employed college student with anxiety. These are eight habits that have helped me improve my mental health:


  1. Journaling

Everyone has things to do and life happens, but have you ever taken into consideration how much time you actually have to sit down and write your thoughts down? Every morning I grab my journal and write what I feel like “documenting”. My pages flow through a variety of emotions. Some days I write about how great life is and write about my gratitude. However, some days I write wishes or goals of what I want to see happen in my life. Journaling helps with my mental health because I am a certified over thinker. Putting my thoughts on paper makes me feel more relieved and reassured. Plus, TJMaxx sells really cute notebooks, just saying!


  1. Taking a Social Media Detox

Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are my go-to social media platforms. I usually tap in to see what my friends are up to, comedic tweets that people come up with or just looking at fashion related things. However, the minutes and scrolling can go on for hours which is not healthy. I learned that it’s okay to not always scroll and live life physically rather than virtually. A good start to a social media detox can be hiding your apps on your phone or simply logging out. Try it for a few days and you’ll see that there is more to life than followers and likes. Also, taking a social media detox means more time to work and focus on you! Read more, watch a new show, bake, paint- do anything that gives your mind a fun break.


  1. Feeding Your Body What it Needs

Ice cream, popcorn and pizza (I could go on) are so good, but they’re not good all the time. Do you ever feel groggy just because of what you ate super late at night? Maybe you ate too much of something? Your body is your car and your mind is the driver, so you have to put the right fuel. I noticed when I started eating more natural and whole foods versus processed ones, my energy levels boosted and my mind was more focused. Start your day off with an omelette that has spinach and peppers. Everytime you go for that soda, think of drinking water instead. Trust me, fueling yourself with the right foods is better for your overall health.


These are only just a few habits that have helped me improve my mental health. Some other tips that you can consider are creating an exercise routine, finding new hobbies you’ve been putting off or even changing your room around. Mental health is incredibly important and it should be your main priority when it comes to knowing your limit and when you’re overdoing things. Remember, you’re not supposed to have everything figured out by now. The habits listed are built over time. Lastly, put yourself, including your mind, first.