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Aggretsuko: The New Netflix Show That Will Help You Get Through Finals

Sometimes being under a lot of stress can bring out the “ugly” side of us, after all there is only so much we can take as humans. Being in college means being under infinite amounts of stress, with no sleep and a super unhealthy diet that is 98% instant ramen. And while all of this might sound negative let me tell you I have some news that will look like the light at the end of the tunnel: We only have two weeks left of school. Yep, that’s it. Two Weeks. And while these two weeks sound like a short amount of time they might be the hardest two weeks of the semester because final exams, final essays, all that procrastination finally catching up to you. So, knowing how terrible these two weeks can be let me share the good news that I have with you, there is a new show on Netflix that will be so relatable right now, and they are only 15 minutes episodes! Perfect for a small break of all the stress, work and studying. So without further ado, lets talk about this show.

Aggretsuko is a new show on Netflix that came out this month, the series have 15 minute episodes as I have mentioned before and for this first season there are only 10 episodes, the perfect amount for the last 10 days of school. Aggretsuko is red fox whose real name is Retsuko and she is a character from Sanrio, the same company who created Hello Kitty, but this character has something hidden to her. She likes heavy metal. You read that right, a Sanrio character that likes heavy metal. 

Retsuko works for a company in Tokyo in the accounting business,  but her bosses can be a little too… abusive. She is often under a lot of stress due to the high amounts of work that her bosses leave to her while they relax or play golf. She has to stay extra hours to finish all her assignments, clean the main boss desk and serve him tea. I know super abusive. And after she stays extra hours to finish the work that originally belonged to her bosses, they scold her for not doing it right! Now you now the kind of stress that she has to go through every day, and while she appears to be very calm and a normal employee she always carries a microphone in her bag so she can blow off steam. After taking in all of these orders and scolding she calmly heads to the bathroom with her purse, takes our her microphone and starts singing heavy metal, when she finishes she just calmly says “okay, and back to work” and honestly if you don’t find this relatable enough, I don’t know what is wrong with you.

Every day after having these shifts from hell she takes the train and heads to a karaoke place near her home, she likes to call this “her sanctuary”. She stays there and sing full on heavy metal to release all the stress and the anger she has from that day at work. We all have out own ways of se-stressing or blowing away steam, but I am pretty sure that we can all agree that there are times where we just cant take any more things and we have something small and special that might help you relax a little bit and carry on with whatever you were doing. Sometimes we might be embarrassed to show this to other people and that is just why this Sanrio character is so relatable! She looks normal and very well put together, but she is like everyone else and need to take a break from all the work and do her own special action to feel better and more relaxed.

Besides having this relatable side, the show also has a lot of humor and most importantly it has two strong women that will inspire you to be the best version of yoursefl. These two women are Washimi who works in the department of Secretarial and Director Gori from Marketing. Every time these two amazing women appear of the screen they play a song to show their greatness, and they are always walking with such poise and grace its unbelievable. Not only do they look great on screen but they are also very intelligent, strong and not scared to talk their mind. Specially Washimi, where she often challenges her boss, aka the main boss of the company. I am sure that whenever you are feeling overwhelmed and feel like dropping out of college because  its slowly killing you seeing these two characters will make you feel so empowered and ready to take on whatever comes your way! 

So there you have it. A show that is short enough so that it doesn’t take away a lot of time from your working/studying time but that has just the right amount of jokes, empowerment and is relatable during such stressful times. Make sure to check out the trailer for this show and honestly give it a try! Trust me, you wont regret it. 

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