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What do your bag contents say about you?

Whenever you dump your bag on the library chair, what’s lurking within its murky depths? A half-eaten sandwich, some pens you forgot you bought at the beginning of the year, or perhaps just the books you put in there this morning? Every new university year, you pile in new things into your bag that you end up forgetting about, and keep old things that bring up amazing memories from times you want to hold onto. The contents of your bag reveal a lot about the person, so why not check out which category you fall into!


A: Militant neatness

You had your bag contents planned-out at least a month before starting the new year, including everything from post-it notes to clearly separate markers for highlighting. Each section of your bag has its own category so your healthy almonds in a snack bag don’t get mixed up with your separate pencil cases for ballpoint pens/markers/gel pens. Each bag has a label so you can reach in at a moment’s notice and not lose any precious time studying because you don’t have your bag organized. You probably laminated your timetable, but even you admit that may have been going a bit far…


B: Stationary aficionado

Those washi tapes that keep popping up on Facebook for having a million uses? You have an organized collection at home and you bought a couple in your university bag to decorate your revision notes when you get bored in the library. You know exactly how ergonomic your favourite pen is and you probably use a fancy ink just so that your notes are not written in boring black. In your spare time, you practice calligraphy and your handwriting, so your carefully organized #stationaryflatlays are exactly like those off Tumblr.


C: Why is that blue/smells like coffee…?

You are very aware that there is a high chance you will end up spilling something in your bag, whether it’s a burst biro or an apple you forgot about until you squished it with your law textbook. You’ve never understood why it only happens to you, because you swear that you take care of your bag just like everybody else. You avoid water bottles because you’ll know that somehow, they’ll end up flooding over your notes when you put your bag down too hard. Let’s hope you don’t study art, or else there will be crumbled pastels all over your library books.


D: The unused university bag

You actually don’t use your bag, like, ever. You bought one in first year with your friends and you haven’t really realized that apart from the odd sheet given to you in your seminars, your bag has stayed resolutely empty, apart from some sad biro’s rolling around in a side pocket. Does this reflect your attitude to your studies or is it simply too awkward to admit to your friends that the bag they recognize you by is actually empty 100% of the time?


E: If the Apocalypse hits, I’m Mary Poppins

You have no need to worry about ever being without that one thing that everyone seems to forget on a night out or during a day-long study session in the library, as you have everything from paracetamol to a bottle opener and some fold-up flats in your bag, as well as gum and snacks and that portable charger. Whenever anyone’s battery is dying or they need an instant coffee sachet to get them through the day, they know they can go to you to get their emergency sorted. You’re probably known as Mary Poppins or The Supplier, but even with those perks, you kind of hate your bag for always been so heavy.


If you have any other categories, list them in comments!

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