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Exam season is sadly but swiftly upon, and so are the spots, the stress and the sugar-cravings. Of course, exams matter, but looking after yourself is the top priority. Your health shouldn’t be subsidized for good grades.

Methods of self-care are endless, but the most glamorous process is probably the most noted by health professionals and Friday night-in guides. Hot baths, incense, lavender oil and candles, have a soak whilst you indulge in some good poetry. Put on a slow, soothing playlist and allow yourself to digest the lyrics as they unwind in your ear. Let your mind to escape. Run wild and use these methods as a method of fantastical escapism from the stress of exams and looming deadlines.

Saying no for your own wellbeing

But, self-care isn’t all about face-masks and chick flicks. You’ve got to make sure that you also feel good internally. Allow your mind to drift to places other than revision, by taking this selfish initiative. Not all your free-time must be free for everyone. Be selective before telling friends that you can meet up, because sometimes this free time, is better invested in me-time. You can say ‘no’ as many times as you like. You don’t need an excuse and don’t feel guilty. Invest in yourself.

Willpower & work environment

You need to have willpower. Force yourself out of bed in the morning and go get a shower, to allow yourself a full day of work. Don’t do your work in your bed. Instead, save your bed for sleep and winding down, to avoid it feeling like a prison and library rolled into one. Get some fresh air and give yourself a good number of revision breaks, so you can rehydrate and snack. But make sure you have a good few healthy snacks, as too many sugary treats will make you tired and unmotivated.

Keep a journal

Managing your emotions during exam season is crucial, as you’re likely to feel a range of negative emotions. Don’t mix them in with your work, or you’ll start to underestimate your ability and doubt yourself. Instead, keep a journal and write freely whenever you wish. Leave these emotions on the page. Allow yourself to release all your locked-up feelings, thoughts and emotions; just don’t carry them with you.

Relax before sleep

Count a few sheep. Sleep is absolutely a top priority when you are trying to remember vital bits of information. Prioritizing study over sleep is not going to be best in the long run. You’ll just feel very tired and withdrawn. Have an early start to your day and get an early night to allow yourself to get the revered eight hours. Allow yourself to wind down before you try and go to sleep, so that you’re calm and relaxed.

Appreciate yourself

Lastly, have some appreciation for yourself. Look how far you’ve come and remind yourself of the countless number of exams you’ve sat in the past and made it through alive. Celebrate the self-care you have given yourself already. Compliment yourself when you have a good day of revision. Treat yourself when you get a good grade. Encourage yourself when you feel unmotivated! Be your own biggest supporter. You are here, you’ve made it this far and that’s all that matters.


Simone Kelly

Newcastle '19

I'm an aspiring marketer and have recently completed BA English Literature at Newcastle University. I am an avid creative and enjoy writing poetry, blogging and attending spoken word events. The written word is a way of story-telling and communicating complex ideas in an aesthetic manner. I hope you enjoy my articles. Please check out my up and coming blog page: etherealtruth.com
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