On Learning to Dress for the Office

The first thing I did after getting the job I have now (I’m an editorial intern at a literary agency), was go home and take a good, hard look at my closet. Everything suddenly looked obnoxious and unprofessional. My supervisor said that as interns we needed to “treat every day like it’s the job interview,” come in polished. It took me a while, but I managed to kind of learn to dress for the office. But I’m still learning. A month into the job and I’ve realized everyone is. Some people come in suits, others in sweats. Some wear every color under the sun, others I’ve never seen in anything other than black and white. So, since everyone is still navigating office wear, here’s a few outfits that got me through my first month.

The outfit from the first day


The outfit from the day I felt Lazy

The outfit from my actual job interview

The outfit from the day I was almost late

The outfit that was probably "too much"


The outfit I'm wearing today