Internet Shaquille: The Only Youtube Cooking Channel You Need

It feels like we're at the height of food content right now. There's a plethora of free, thoughtful, and entertaining food media right now, making all of us more inspired to cook and try new foods. I love a good Bon Appétit, First We Feast, or NYT Cooking video, but the only channel I find truly accessible is Internet Shaquille. The videos don't have a fancy test kitchen but Internet Shaquille creates some of the most affordable, fun, and delicious basic cooking lessons and recipes you need to try.

Here are five of my favourite videos you can start with.

  1. It's a breakfast classic that a lot of us are doing wrong without even knowing it. Here Internet Shaquille breaks down how to make perfect scrambled eggs without needing anything too fancy like crème fraîche.

  2. Maybe for a while you just microwaved your pizza and then someday, while browsing the internet, you learned about heating it up on the stove to truly return cold pizza to it's gooey cheesy prime. Well, there's a level of pizza re-heating even better than that. Internet Shaquille teaches us how to "french toast" our pizza - making the leftover pizza possibly even better than it ever was originally.

  3. Are your burritos somehow just not as good at home? Are you sick of having to wait in line and overpay for burritos all over the city? Internet Shaquille has the perfect video to elevate your home burritos to restaurant quality. You'll never overpay for a burrito again.

  4. Subscription cooking services are all the rage right now, sponsoring every YouTuber under the sun. Well, Internet Shaquille is here with Bootleg Blue Apron Date Night, a video series to show you how to make all those subscription food service recipes for cheaper on your own from ingredients found at any local grocery store.

  5. It's not a food channel if there isn't also decadent fun food challenges. Internet Shaquille's F*ck It Up series covers this aspect too. Its basically just him and a friend messing around with fast food - remixing it with other delicious things in the kitchen. In this episode, Dunkin' Donuts are buttered with coffee butter and toasted before becoming the base for a beautiful eggs benedict.