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Original photo by Abby Connolly

I Went to the TikTok Famous Harry Styles-Themed Café

If you’re a Harry Styles fan, and a frequent TikTok user, you’ve probably seen videos of fans venturing out to get the viral pink and blue Fine Line smoothie at Lucca Fresca, a Harry Styles-themed café in Taylor, PA. Hi! I am one of those fans. 

Mattia Krappa, entrepreneur and recent college graduate, opened her café Lucca Fresca last December. It’s a health food shop, specializing in smoothies, bowls, oatmeal, etc. with a twist. Not only is the interior decor Harry Styles-themed, but the food is as well. Yes—at Lucca Fresca you could get yourself a “Manly Man” bowl (inspired by Harry’s clapback at conservative political commentator Candace Owens) or one of their many smoothies named after Harry’s songs, "Fine Line," "Falling," "Canyon Moon," etc. While you enjoy your healthy yet satisfying treats you can admire the decor: two tables decked out in Harry pictures and decorations, cute posters on the wall and now, even a cardboard cut-out.

My best friend Angelina and I have been avid One Direction fans since 2011. We are not one bit embarrassed to say that we still are to this day and that we’ve carried this love with us into our adult lives. We went to as many concerts and events as we could, ran embarrassing fan accounts on Twitter, owned the life-sized cardboard cutouts of Louis and Harry, and loved (or should I say…love) having dance parties to their music where and whenever we could. 

Now we’re 21-year-old adults both in college and the band is on year six of their “hiatus.” I can’t even get into that. Nonetheless, we’ve been keeping up with the lads and their solo careers, especially Harry. In high school we drove from our hometown in New Jersey to Hershey, PA to see him in concert. So when we saw the Lucca Fresca smoothies online, we figured we’d reunite for another road trip and go to the café. 

We had a ball, and each ordered our "Fine Line" smoothies. While waiting in line to give our order to Mattia (at the time we didn’t realize it was the owner taking our order—she was so sweet!), we picked out two Harry Styles-themed stickers from a bin on the counter, each $1. The "Fine Line" smoothie is half blue and pink just like the album cover, with the top half being blue raspberry based and the bottom strawberry/raspberry based. It tasted like candy and was delectably sweet and tangy, our favorite part being the Harry Styles sticker on the cup it came in, which makes for the perfect little souvenir.

[bf_image id="4rjwvjhjsqvqqp3hbc8rptb"]

We also ordered the Manly Man bowl, a peach and strawberry based smoothie bowl topped with various fruits and white chocolate chips. The white chocolate chips made it for us, and we loved munching on it as we sat at one of the Harry themed tables which had little books and a calendar about him spread around. The vibe in there was very light; each staff member was super friendly, and as we looked around, it had become clear that we weren’t the only fans who had the idea to go out that day, as the café seemed to have a constant stream of Harry fans walking into it. 

Fans from all across the country have visited the shop, which is proved by a scratch-out map of the U.S. hanging in the café, where visitors can walk up and mark the state they came from, making it clear that Harry fans will drive hours just for this adorable spot. Luckily for me, I only had to drive two. ;) 

[bf_image id="gqn96g9f6ks85pnxhpgbfk4z"] The cafe is adorable, and I'm so glad it's getting great press and recognition. It makes me happy to see someone around my age doing something they love and utilizing their passions to make an enjoyable experience for others. It was clear that the cafe was a warm and welcoming space for all, and I love the fact that a tiny spot in Pennsylvania can bring together so many people. It's times like these where we must remember to support small businesses and their owners and always "Treat People With Kindness." 

Here is a TikTok I made of our adventure! Be sure to follow Mattia and Lucca Fresca on social media to keep up with the business and plan a visit if you can. 

Abby is a student at the New School double majoring in Theater + Journalism & Design. Abby was born and raised in New Jersey but also has some New Orleans roots and is currently loving being a New Yorker. When she isn't writing or performing, you can catch Abby snuggling with her dogs Otis & Thibodaux, or hanging out with her friends!
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