5 Best Cafes Around Campus


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Being back at school is a great time to catch up with friends and have fun in the city after a summer away, but it's also a time to focus on work, writing papers and finishing projects. Here are five cafes near campus to make the work a little easier. Some people find doing work in a cafe or dedicated space makes them more likely to focus and avoid distractions and being tempted to watch Netflix or check social media. With so many options in Manhattan, here are several different cafes close to campus to check out whether you are doing work, grabbing something on your way to class, or hanging out with friends.


1. Think Coffee : 123 4th Ave New York, NY and 568 6th Ave New York, NY

With two locations near campus, one on 4th Ave near the UC and the other on 6th between 15th and 16th close to the 16th Street building. Think Coffee created Social Project Coffee which helps farm workers and their communities around the world in various ways. It is great being in a place where you can help others and support a cause whose impact is felt around the world. Both Think Coffee cafes are the perfect place to go no matter where you are on campus. There is plenty of seating inside and people doing work on laptops.



Source: http://www.thinkcoffee.com/locations/


2. The Bean : 31 3rd Ave New York, NY

The Bean is a comfy spot with groups of people enjoying a cup of coffee. It is located across from the Strand Bookstore and has benches outside. The Bean offers pastries and has delicious specialty drinks, such as the nutElla Fitzgerald  made with espresso, Nutella, and milk and The Frozen Mona Lisa made with espresso, ice and milk.




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3. Argo Tea Cafe : 75 University Pl New York, NY

Argo Tea Cafe offers a wide variety of different tea beverages made with their own blend. Some blends you may want to try are the Hibiscus Apple Cider which includes caramel, the Matcha Vanilla Latte, Hibiscus Lemonade, or their kombuchas and bubble teas. They also have great breakfasts and baked goods, including a dark chocolate croissant and macarons. In addition to doing work in this cafe this spot is perfect for grabbing something on the go before your morning class.



Source: Instagram @argotea


4. Stumptown Coffee Roasters : 30 W 8th st New York, NY

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is the perfect spot located on a quiet corner. It has nice seating outside for the warmer weather and is a block away from Washington Square Park. Stumptown gets their coffee from all over the world and places an importance on sustainability.

Source: https://www.stumptowncoffee.com/locations/newyork/greenwich-village

5. Hu Kitchen : 78 5th Ave New York, NY

Hu Kitchen, while also a restaurant offering paleo food, they have a delicious selection of beverages. They have a variety of juices, smoothies, tea, coffees, and quick to-go items. Hu has their own organic fair trade coffee. The upper level of Hu Kitchen, during off hours is a quiet place to relax or do work and have something to eat while cooling off in the air conditioning during these hot summer days. It is also conveniently located right across from the UC. This is a great place to go when I do not have a lot of time before class.