My Top Self Care Habits


When I declared my major as Human Services I knew that I would be doing some emotionally heavy internships and discussing a lot of heavy topics in classes.I started to take note of my personal habits that help me take care of myself through all of this. I’m going to outline them for you here and maybe you’ll find them helpful as well!


Watching TV

I love to binge watch television shows. Right now I’ve been working on “Gilmore Girls”. Television is a good way for me to be able to just tune everything else out and just get lost in the joy of the show. I use this most often when I just need to escape the reality of whatever is bothering me.

Writing down my feelings

Being able to just sit and write how I feel on paper after an emotionally intense discussion or experience is really healthy for me. I am able to get my thoughts on paper before I go and interact with my friends or move on to a different task.

Spending time with my friends

Spending quality time with my friends and just distracting my brain from whatever was upsetting me is a great way that I am able to escape for a little while. I can think of plenty of times that my friends have really helped me to feel better after a highly emotional experience just by spending some time with me.


Those are my personal self care habits! Let me know in the comments below if you use any of these as well or if you think they’d work for you!