How Starting a Bullet Journal Has Taught Me About Myself


A few weeks ago some friends of mine were showing me their Bullet Journals and I was admiring the creativity and the patience that they had behind them. One of them mentioned that they felt that I would benefit from starting a Bullet Journal myself. I brushed it off saying that I could never because I’m so much of a perfectionist that I’d just keep starting over.

Over the break I started thinking about it more and I even started looking for a notebook to buy for the specific purpose of starting a Bullet Journal. I found one that I liked and when we returned from break I decided to start trying to create my Bullet Journal in my own time. I started looking on Pinterest for ideas on layouts and types of pages to put into my personal Bullet Journal.

I have been working on the Bullet Journal in my free time for almost a full week and it’s taught me a lot of things about myself. For one it has taught me how to put my perfectionist streak to the side and learn to live with the tiny mistakes I make on the lines or a doodle. I also think it’s helping me to recognize and learn to live with not being perfect in general in my day to day life. I also have been learning that I can be artistic when I put my mind to it. Which is showing me that if I really want to learn or do something if I only have enough determination I can achieve it. It may not be perfect at first but if I keep trying I will get there eventually.

For anyone on the fence about starting a Bullet Journal for similar reasons that I was I would recommend trying it out. Do just a bit at a time and then see how you feel afterwards. I hope that if you do give it a try it benefits you in ways you never expected just like it has for me!