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photos by lanty zUU73lEdcBU unsplash
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4 Things That Happen When You Try Something New

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New Paltz chapter.

In life, we always have opportunities that present themselves. Sometimes those opportunities can require sacrifices, which can be scary. The good news is, every time you take a risk you grow, surprise yourself and learn a little more about yourself everyday. Trying new things can lead you to places you would never have imagined. When you do it everyday, your whole world can begin to change.


You make new friends

New friends can lead to new experiences!  When you try talking to someone in class that you usually wouldn’t, you may be surprised that you share a lot of things in common. A new friendship can form just by trying something new and communicating.


You discover new foods

When you try something new, you have the opportunity to open up your mind and try foods you may never have thought of. Trying new foods can open your mind to different options when you go out to eat, or even when you cook. Foods start to taste better because you’ve expanded your horizons and tried different things, and you begin to develop and appreciate new food choices.


Your perception of the world changes

Trying new things takes you out of your typical day-to-day life routines and exposes you to different views of people, places and things. You may even find youself stumbling upon new cities, or even countires by taking small risks and trying a new path to gain new experiences and perspectives.


You find new hobbies

When you do things that you usually do not do in your free time, you get the opportunity to expand your mind and try things for fun that you may never have thought would be.


Trying new things can bring you places that you never thought you would go, as long as you keep an open mind; the world will open up and present great experiences for you to learn from and enjoy.

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