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3 Day Trip Ideas for Spring Break


Not everyone has the ability to go on some big trip for spring break. For the past three years of my college career I have simply gone home and sat around my house. However, there are plenty of day trips I could have been doing that I wasn’t. So here are 3 day trip ideas for when you’re just sitting around on Spring Break.

1) New York City

Go into the city and see a show! Or just walk around and window shop. Either way you’ll have a lot of fun and you’ll get out of your house for the day. Trains to the city are not too long and there’s always a lot to do when you get there.

2) Woodbury Commons

If you’re staying locally to New Paltz you could always take the 40 minute trip south to Central Valley, NY where the Woodbury Commons, a shopping outlet, is located. Spend the day just shopping and hanging out with your friends.

3) Go skiing

If you’re willing to travel a bit and if it’s still snowing like it was this week over our spring break I would suggest going on a ski trip! Windham mountain isn’t too far from New Paltz and it’s a great place to go whether you’re a novice or a highly experienced skier.

If you’re spending your spring break at home and end up taking a day trip let me know in the comments where you went and if it was one of the places listed above let me know what you thought!  

A sociology major with a love for all things Disney. Kayleigh Monahan is an avid reader and writer and can often be found at her local Starbucks. She is the current President of Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority at New Paltz as well as the Campus Correspondent for HC SUNY New Paltz.
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