Meet Mary Perucci '17!

Meet Mary Perucci, Class of 2017!

Mary Perucci is a senior Marketing major with a minor in Sales Management from Brewster, NY.  She is in a relationship with year-long boyfriend, Max Koenig (too adorbs). 

Mary has an active life on campus. She works at the Rec Center as a Building Supervisor, is in the Marching Band, and she’s a brother of the new co-ed service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega!  Out of all of her classes she has taken at UNH, we asked Mary which was the best. “Social Media Marketing-- yes I took a class all about social media,” she responded. “It was interesting because our generation is known to be the generation who knows the most about social media, but I still learned a lot of things about how to use different social media platforms as a strong marketing professional, and I’m a certified Social Media Consultant now!”

Mary can usually be spotted in either Jazzman’s or Dunkin Donuts whenever she can find some time away from her hectic work and school schedule. Each year, she always looks forward to UNH’s Spring Weekend to conclude another academic school year. 

Mary also told HC that her dream job is to do marketing for Broadway theatre productions in NYC.  With Broadway or not, she wishes to pursue a career that she can fall in love with (we can all totally relate to that, girlfriend).  “I have a passion for theatre and stage managing,” she said. “I don’t get to do much of it anymore, which is unfortunate, but I still love going to see shows when I’m in NYC or community theatre in the area.”

FUN FACT: Mary grew up on a street named “State Line Road” which is the actual state border of NY and CT.  Talk about being in two places at once!

Keep up that drive and passion, Mary.  We at Her Campus New Haven believe in you!


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