Finding Your Happy Place

Finding Your Happy Place

Ah, October. It’s the time of year when the semester is in full swing and us students are in our natural states: stressed. It might seem like it’s hard to allot yourself time for a break to let yourself de-stress. I’ve been having a pretty difficult time with that, myself. I’ll be the first to admit it- I’m not a very calm person. I’m not able to meditate. Yoga doesn’t work for me. I find myself often relating more to the little red guy from Inside Out. That being said, I’ve had to get creative with finding ways to keep myself as calm as possible. To me, a happy place is wherever and whenever I can let myself sit back and let pieces of reality fall away for a bit. It’s where I’m not worried about anything. Without further ado, here are some slightly less conventional ways which have helped me to relax from the stresses of daily life, even if it’s just for a little while.


1. Take a walk and play Pokemon Go! Talking a walk on it’s own is very therapeutic, don’t get me wrong. However, you are further distracting yourself if you’re spending your walking time focused on trying to catch em all! There are tons of Poke-stops on campus- maybe make it a goal to visit each one! Just don’t forget to look up once in awhile…

2. Watch a new show or movie- by that I mean, something that’s new to you. I’ve found that if I resort to one of my old favorites, it’s a lot easier for me to lose focus and go back to thinking about everything weighing me down. Because I’m so used to the content, it doesn’t always distract me enough. But if I’m watching something new off my Netflix list, I have to pay attention. (This goes for finding new music to listen to, as well!)

3. Read a book and let yourself get lost in it. Really, really focus on the words you’re reading. Let yourself get lost in the world that the book creates. It helps. Promise.

4. Color things! This isn’t a new relaxation technique by any means, but it is effective. It’s such a mindless activity that can definitely keep you busy for hours. Plus, there’s so many different kinds of coloring books that exist now! It’s so much fun, there’s no pressure whatsoever, and you can add a little more artwork to your walls.

5. Paint your nails! Like I said, these aren’t the most normal techniques here. But just like with coloring, it’s a very simple activity that gives you time to really zoom in on something else.

6. Get lunch with a friend. It’s a safe place to rant, if you wanted to. Friends might also be able to offer new perspectives and give you advice on how to handle everything. However, you can also hold a conversation that will take you far away from your current stressors.

7. Positive vibes only, people! I realize this isn’t an activity like the others, but it’s still incredibly important. When the world is getting you down, you have to keep yourself up! And surround yourself with people who will do the same.

There comes a point when, amidst all the craziness, you have to take a moment and realize that you owe it to yourself to make time for you. You’re working hard and you are getting through everything. You deserve to be happy! Things might be getting tough, but you got this!

Stay positive, friends! Hang in there!