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Biggest Worries UNH Students Carry Around the Spring Semester


I won’t get the dormitory I want for next year.

I personally don’t co-sign UNH’s policy of junior and seniors not being guaranteed housing, and I certainly don’t agree with a random lottery system for housing selection for returning students. But, that’s the law of the land. Be ready to have your group of roomies in place. Celentano, I will make you mine. *Clicks on MyHousing* #GameOn #MayTheOddsAlwaysBeInYourFavor

I’m running out of dining dollars.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see many people roaming Bartels during lunch hour or maybe even WOW Cafe as everyone goes to down to their last dining dollar. Don’t worry, though. I’m sure there’s a lovely student that rarely uses their dining dollars who would love to treat you. #DamnThoseLateNightCStoreRuns

Traffic jam signing up for classes.

The same way we’re told to have a backup dormitory is the same for your fall classes schedule during the registration period.

As my friend Cameron said, “You have to remember not everyone is following their degree audit. You got seniors needing intro classes, and freshman needing certain classes, but can’t get them because the upperclassmen took them.” #INeedThatClass

Seniors: 4 tickets only? #Really? More, Please.

I’m not graduating this year. Thank God I don’t have to worry about loan repayment for another two years, but imagine hearing undergraduates are each allocated only four tickets. UNH traditionally has spring commencement at Oakdale Theatre, but who knows? Maybe by 2019, they’ll decide to instead hold it outside at our football stadium on North Campus. I poured blood, sweat, and tears in these rigorous courses, and I’m only getting four tickets? Really? I sympathize with the class of 2017 as I know many of you have many family members and friends who want to see you walk the stage. 4 ain’t enough. I have four siblings. #MakeTheSwitch

Will my Spring Weekend be a movie?

It’s Spring Weekend—like homecoming but with warmer weather. I don’t need to explain what’s going down. #YouChargersAlreadyKnow

What am I doing this summer? It’s almost near!

If you’re not graduating this year like me, then you’re praying to a God you can catch an internship this summer. Study abroad, for some. Or at least settle for a $10 job as a bagger at the local supermarket. Maybe a vacation to the islands, a road trip with your besties, or crying in the mirror because you don’t have your summer body ready for your Instagram followers in between. #AllSummerSeveteen?


You’re a survivor. (What?)

You’re a New Haven Charger.

You’re not gon’ give up. (What?)

You’re not gon’ stop. (What?)

You’re gonna suck it up and move on to the next task.

Bumps in the road to the next couple of months, but you’ll be alright.

Khaaliq is a transfer student at the University of New Haven in his sophomore year studying Communications (TV/Video Production and Journalism) with a minor in Black Studies hailing from the 516. In his free time, he enjoys online shopping, blogging, eating, going to concerts and keeping up wth all things celebrity gossip and Beyonce related. In the future, he aspires to have this own talk show on a hip-hop/urban radio station Wendy Williams-style while producing TV shows/films, hosting reality shows reunions and publishing his own autobiography. All while becoming Zac Efron's husband and Beyonce's number one gay friend.
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