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This is How I’m Surviving the End of The Semester

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Is it just me or has the semester ramped up a lot recently? I’m looking ahead at my calendar and YIKES! It’s scaring me more than all the Halloween content I’ve seen this year. But have no fear, this stress is manageable! Here are a couple things I’ve done this semester to keep up with all my work, so feel free to add some of these ideas if you are looking for more ways to get through to Winter Break!

  1. Google Calendar – Google Calendar is a life saver! I put in all my classes, extracurriculars, meetings, even tasks! It’s a perfect way to block off and visualize your days. You can look on a day-to-day basis, plan out your week, or even look ahead into the next couple of months. And possibly my favorite part – you can color code all your events exactly how you want!
  1. Notion – I know Notion has a reputation for being tricky to start from scratch, but that’s what makes it so useful – you can use it for anything! If you’re having trouble building the pages you want (whether that be to-do lists, budgeting, putting all your work into charts, etc.), try looking on their website for beginner templates! I started using Notion last year and it’s the perfect way to organize all your information in one place. The possibilities are endless!
  1. Very strict To-Do lists – Sometimes my Google Calendar doesn’t cut it for breaking down time specifically enough, so I’ve started creating super specific to-do lists to get my work done. Breaking down what you have to do into certain time slots restricts yourself from getting off task or behind. Don’t forget to add in time for some self-care!
  1. Pomodoro Technique – I’ve heard of this technique through TikTok, but haven’t implemented it until recently, and wow, does it help! Do you have a couple hours to study, but can’t get focused? Use the Pomodoro technique and set a 25 minute timer to focus on any work, and play any music or noise to help you get into the zone. After that is over, set a 5 minute timer to have a break. After 4 intervals of that, take a longer 15 minute break.
  1. Make time for self-care – Though getting lots of work knocked out is rewarding in its own way, it’s always important to take breaks and take time to focus on other things that are important to you. Reading a book that’s been sitting on your shelf, finally starting that TV show you’ve been wanting to watch, or taking time to get outside and move your body. Whatever it is, take some time to focus on something other than work and take a break from whatever is stressing you out – you deserve it!
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