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The Elegant Revival of Old Money Fashion

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This season we can expect a revival of the Old Money style. Ralph Lauren launches its runway premiere with a collection that embodies the exquisite, refined elegance prevalent on Pinterest boards and for-you pages. Ralph Lauren, a visionary ahead of his time, is the pinnacle of Old Money fashion and encapsulates the inherent attributes throughout his career. His works reflect not solely the essence of couture but the lifestyle. The significance of ancestral fortunes acquired from inheritance with a wealthy estate is a prominent feature of the old-money aesthetic. Weekend vacations on a yacht or trips to Lake Como are ideal locations for a luxury, enchanting ensemble. His vision and inspiration influence fashion’s idyllic and unattainable lifestyle, but his portrayal encompasses integrity and optimism. In the designer’s insightful words, “Style is about quality, integrity, and timelessness. It is free of trends but always feels fresh and new.” ~ Ralph Lauren

California Dreaming Spring 2023 Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren conveys the allure of an ideal family through elaborate marketing campaigns and the characters he conjures. They radiate the effortlessly fashionable and classy elegance we aspire to emulate. The fashion aspect is only a subset of the comprehensive design; his creativity exemplifies the characteristics. He narrates the rhetoric of the American ideal, reminiscent of Jay Gatsby. The lifestyle reflects beauty from relationships, the environment and history.  Consider the luxurious villa your summer home while enjoying Sunday brunch on the Riviera. Embody the attributes that rendered Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Kary Grant icons. This seemingly unattainable lifestyle is a culmination of etiquette, soigné and grace. The intellectual appeal accentuates the suave and enigmatic character.

Eye-catching features optimize the ensemble’s refinement, grace and effortlessness. It doesn’t flaunt money or encumber the attire with brands. A display of style that captures the timelessness of the 1950s, the opulence of Europe, and the punctuality of affluence, avoids the pretense of flaunting. In a culture where trends emerge weekly intending to persuade audiences to conform, possessing a sense of self is indispensable. This knowledge and individuality reflect in one’s taste through the care and intention invested in clothing. We frequently hear the phrase “Old Hollywood Glamour” and romanticize the past for its elegance and cocktail party lifestyle. It is imperative to understand that these qualities are an attitude and a confident expression. Discovering and refining one’s style is not an easy undertaking, but by identifying internal and external traits you admire and aspire to radiate, you may become timeless. When you dress for yourself, you possess an aura of mystique and an almost untouchable disposition that complements the execution of the old money style. 

Autumn Looks by Solene.Gisele

In this wardrobe, flashy, extravagant clothing is not capsules. Cashmere or cable-knit sweaters, blazers, wool coats, cable-knit garments, high-heel boots and pleated skirts are staple pieces to cultivate for women. Antique boutiques and vintage wardrobes offer one-of-a-kind items that broaden the range of old-money dresses rarely visible in mainstream media. Chino pants, polo shirts, cricket sweaters, quarter zip sweaters and loafers are vital for men’s wardrobe composition.

The Gents Journal

In pursuit of expense and prestige, mainstream luxury shopping is frequently associated with the old money aesthetic. Ralph Lauren, a persistent provider of this elegant concept, is one of the elite marques displaying statement collections that breathe new life into the old-money era. Christian Dior incorporates subdued tones with an autumnal effect, complemented by delicate embroidery. The artistic significance of Dior’s creations demonstrates the grandeur associated with old-money fashion and an investment in quality over quantity. Chanel’s 2022/23 cruise collection, ideal for strolls in Monaco, complete the summer wardrobe. The fall/winter exhibition features classic houndstooth and tailored blazers, providing sufficient inspiration for your seasonal attire. Vintage Chanel articles are primal to achieve the elegance and grace of the style. Prominent designers include Celine, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent, Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana and Luisa Spagnoli. These resources are not available to everyone, but they do provide stylistic inspiration and quality elements to consider before making your next purchase. Alternative brands that offer more affordable options include Massimo Dutti, River Island, Holland Cooper, Aavelle, Mango and Zara. Don’t underestimate the treasures that await you at vintage stores. If this style resonates with you, perhaps a trip to the ancestral clothes bins to unpack designer garments with generational value is in order. The familial bond will enhance the significance and materialize the character.

These are the cardinal principles of the old money style to implement when you extend your capsule to manifest the life of your desires. Longevity is synonymous with luxury. Style is timeless, but fashion is fleeting, so establish your identity and express that persona in your conduct and clothing. Self-discovery on the fashion journey is a winding route fraught with pitfalls. The satisfaction of discovering yourself and feeling confident in your skin and clothes far outweighs any name-brand article you could purchase. Designers create our fantasies; it is your responsibility to be daring enough to live yours. Do so in a way that reflects your authenticity. Continue working on yourself, investigating new hobbies and putting out your best efforts in all you do. We all develop our distinct sense of design and beauty; embrace yours with elegance and sincerity. Once you’ve identified what symbolizes you, completely embody it and live your American dream indefinitely.

Katy is a sophomore at NC State majoring in Business Marketing with a minor in journalism. A style enthusiast and bookworm, she is pursuing a career as a magazine and fashion editor.