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My Favorite Must-Have Basic Items for Fall Fashion

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

It’s this time of the year again: It’s starting to get colder, the sun goes down earlier and mid-terms are giving you a headache – It’s fall! I have to say, while I do love summer, I am actually happy that I can go to classes now without arriving with sweat running down my face. I love to snuggle up on the couch to watch Gossip Girl all over again and start my day with a pumpkin spice latte. However, I know exactly what I like most about fall – fall fashion!

So here are my favorite must-have basic items for fall fashion:


If I had to decide to wear one thing for the rest of my life, it would probably be a blazer – why? Because they always upgrade a simple outfit easily. Want to wear a basic shirt and jeans? Blazer! A cute dress? Blazer! You will always look like you have your life together.

There are so many different blazers available these days: cropped ones, oversized, tight-fitting ones made out of fake fur, or jersey or Kort. Therefore, even if you’d wear a blazer every single day, your outfits can vary from sporty to chic to edgy – and I love that!

Fall is typically the season for muted colors like bordeaux, olive green brown, and beige, but I feel like since we had a summer full of barbie core, it is now also the time to bring some color into the colder days! For example, this pink-oversized blazer is all I’m going to think about these next few days..

White Blouse/Shirt

First a blazer, now a shirt? Am I already fulfilling the stereotype of a business major? Maybe – but let me explain.

A white shirt matches everything – You can wear it with jeans, with skirts, under a dress or a sweater. I personally like that resulting academic look. Same as with the blazer, there is so much variety not only in the way how to style a white blouse but also in their style. My favorites are definitely the oversized look and the cropped style.

Another favorite look of mine: a white blouse dress as styled in the picture below:

P.S. @IschtarIsik is definitely one of my favorite German influencers! Her style is remarkable and she is an amazing promoter of self-love. You should definitely check her out!

Overknee Boots

Overknees are basically the reason why you shouldn’t put away your skirts and dresses in fall and winter! They allow you to wear your cutest skirt without freezing. Not to forget, in my opinion, over-knee boots also present legs beautifully and you can wear them in (almost) every situation since there are flat and heeled styles.

While I love the basic black style, I’m super excited if the extreme colorfulness of this year’s spring and summer will also be visible in fall collections – especially in boots! One of my goals for this year’s fall is definitely to try out more adventurous styles. What about zebra print or pink over-knees? Or a red latex one? They might not be the best option for your next class, but they are for sure worth it!

German girl studying in the U.S. who loves fashion, music and girl power. Antonia is a senior at NCSU pursuing a German-American Double Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Journalism.