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Not gonna lie… I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. 

It’s difficult being in your freshman year of college, dealing with the Pandemic and a huge election, and many of life’s little stressors that we seem to forget about. It’s SO hard to not let those self-deprecating thoughts get to you (I struggle with it daily), however, I have come up with a few ways to switch your train of thought. 

First, get off social media. I find that while I’m scrolling through Instagram, or open my discover page, that I start feeling bad about myself and what I’m doing… “I should be doing more”, “Why can’t I look like that”, etc. are phrases that run through my head. Realizing that I begin to think these things, I immediately swipe out of the app. But, it doesn’t always work like that… sometimes we get so deep into social media it’s like getting stuck in a hole, it’s so hard to climb out and close-out that app, but it’s necessary to save your peace of mind. 

Second, light a candle, clean and organize your space, or go for a walk. Attempting to “freshen up” your space truly can be helpful for your energy. I find that by cleaning my room, going for a walk to get some fresh air and some new thoughts, coming back and lighting a candle, and relaxing, I can readjust my mindset. These are important steps in realizing that you don’t need to stress, ultimately everything will work out. 

And lastly, AFFIRMATIONS AND MANIFESTING!! I can’t stress this enough. Your mindset truly radiates through your energy. Humans are like little magnets that pull what we put out into the universe towards us. Self-fulfilling prophecy is the actual scientific term for manifesting. IT IS PROVEN TO WORK. There is no denying that what you put out in the world comes back! Therefore, daily affirmations, repeating “I am at peace with who I am as a person”, “I put my energy into things that matter to me”, or “I am becoming closer to my true self every day”, truly can change your mindset and outlook on yourself and your life at the moment. 

The final piece of advice that I could give to not letting your doubts or self-deprecating thoughts get you would be to understand that in the bigger picture, where you are right now, physically or mentally, is not necessarily the most consequential moment of your life. It’s okay to not be sure of where you are right now, or if you’re happy with what you are doing. Understand that as a whole, the way in which you approach life and your overall energy is what matters the most. Showing love to others, taking care of your mind and body, and making the greatest of where you are right now is the most, and best you can do. Remember that we are all human, and everyone has these thoughts. It’s okay to feel down sometimes, just don’t let it get to you. 

Hi everyone! I am from Charlotte, North Carolina and I am currently double majoring in Marketing and Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. I'm so excited about this opportunity to turn my hobby of writing into something more!
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