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Counting Down the Days: Here’s My Summer Plan

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

As the school year starts to wind down, I’m getting ready for a summer filled with new experiences—from a trip in Italy to my summer internship. Let me walk you through my summer plans.

Adventure and Volunteer Venture in Italy

Right after my last final exam, I’m heading to Italy for nearly two weeks. Alongside a group of students from my university, we’ll volunteer and work on projects aimed at tackling food insecurity in Italy. I’ll also spend time exploring historical landmarks in Rome, Bologna, and Ostia, and yes, I’m definitely looking forward to the yummy Italian pasta and pizza.

Summer Internship

When I return from Italy, I’ll start a 10-week internship as a Software Engineer at a financial services firm. I’m looking forward to expanding my technical skills, building my professional network, and making some money.

Fun in the Sun

I’m also planning plenty of downtime this summer. You’ll find me at the beach, lake, or by the pool with friends, just relaxing and enjoying the summer days.

Staying Active

The summer is my favorite time to focus on my summer body. Hitting the gym or just going for walks helps me stay focused and feel good throughout the summer.

Catching Up on TV Shows

I’m looking forward to binge-watching all the new TV shows and seasons that come to Netflix this summer. To me, watching tv shows is the perfect way to recharge and unwind.

I can’t wait for all these activities, from volunteering and exploring out in Italy to spending time with friends. I’m excited to make some new memories.

Kanika is a writer for Her Campus and is excited to explore the art of writing. This writer was born in Mumbai, India, but she's been in the U.S. almost all her life, except for a few years she spent living in Toronto, Canada. She currently lives in Cary, North Carolina and would love to move to Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or even back to Toronto post-graduation. Outside of Her Campus, Kanika is an engineering student at NC State University. She is currently in her third year and is majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Business Administration. Her goal is to become a software developer at a tech firm. Through her academic journey, Kanika has completed numerous internships at companies like Fidelity Investments, HP Tech Ventures, and Atticus. She was also selected to compete in a 24-hour Coding Hackathon at JP Morgan Chase & Co in Chicago, Illinois. Currently, Kanika works part-time as a Consultant for a edu-tech startup company and is a Student Brand Ambassador for Fidelity Investments. Some of her favorite things to do would be working out at the gym, playing sports, reading, listening to music, and watching TV shows on Netflix or Hulu. Some of her favorite TV shows are Friends, White Collar, Bridgerton, and Breaking Bad. Her all time favorite music artists are Travis Scott, Tate McRae, and SZA.