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We’re nearing the end of Libra SZN, boos. What does that mean?

A Libra Sun is one born between September 23rd and October 22nd. The symbolic representation for Libra is the scales, which represent our diplomatic and balanced nature. We are ruled by Venus, a planet signifying beauty, love, sex, and money (4 things Libras typically value very highly in life)….we’re aesthetes! We have a general reputation for being flirty, fun, and fashionable, which I personally deem to be true. Going along with that, there is clearly no surprise that I’m a Libra and I’m writing this guide all about love, romance, sex, and beauty – which is what Libra season (and the Libra lifestyle) should be all about! So let me ask you…

How do you show yourself self-love? Want to add to that? Want to have pleasurable, ACTUALLY GOOD sex? Want to feel beautiful, sexy, confident, and charming? Let’s channel that inner Libra, whether you are one or not!

This Libra Says…romanticize your life and romanticize love!

Why not love your life as much as you can? Where is the fun in being miserable? Be a romantic in every way. You deserve to romanticize every action you make, every word you say, and everything else you do. Grabbing that Starbucks coffee? Enjoy the beauty and look of the drink, admire the craft that goes into making it, and value the effects it has on you! I personally love to get my Starbucks every day and it makes me happy while also giving my energy a boost! Think about the little things and how they affect you and your life, and then romanticize the fuck out of them.

Don’t forget to romanticize the love you feel and see around you in others as well. There’s so much hate for the “hopeless” romantics of the world — but why do they have to call us hopeless? Believing in romance and true love isn’t hopeless, because it is 100% out there for each and every one of us! Just the belief and knowing that you are lovable and you can love is an amazing power to have. Not only does it help you gain confidence, but it also gives you validation through yourself, and with that, you won’t need nor want validation from anyone else. You can enjoy others’ validation, but when it comes down to it, you are the only one you need in life.

Be that hopeful romantic. It’s not weak to love. It’s power.

This Libra Says…have safe, sensual, and pleasurable sex!

Prefacing this with: sex is natural, y’all. I’m very tired of the taboo-ness of sex, “body counts,” kinky vs. vanilla, etc… It’s completely natural to be having sex (it’s also normal not to be having sex — it’s not for everyone), but it’s important that you are having sex to enjoy yourself and to connect with whoever you’re having sex with, whether that be emotionally, physically, etc.

Whether you’re in a relationship or single and having sex (sidenote: there shall be no situationships in this bitch. See Situationships for more info on THAT matter), put your pleasure on a pedestal. Women are not put on this earth simply to please men. Sex should be mutually pleasurable, with both or all parties putting in the effort to have a good and sexy time with one another! Take time to get to know, by yourself or with another, what you like for your body! Sex is fun…let it be fucking fun! Don’t have sex because you feel pressured or obligated – have sex because you WANT to.

We’re young. Let’s have a good time.

*Whether or not you’re in a relationship, remember to be smart and safe in your contraception and protection methods. STDs are not the move for Libra season. Thx!

This Libra Says…see the beauty and power in yourself and in your life!

Life gets so much easier when you understand that the world is more good than bad, and recognize the light in all things, people, and situations. Life is damn beautiful and amazing. We become what we think, so if we’re constantly saying everything is ugly or we hate everything, life will become full of that. So, think beautifully, happy, positively, and with care and love.

Remember that you’re just as beautiful as life because it’s yours and you have so much to love and live for! So many beautiful moments lie ahead, and now is the time to realize this.

I hope everyone enjoys the remaining days of Libra SZN! Bring in some love, light, romance, and sensualness in your life.

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