Being Healthy On a College Budget

I know my title probably caught your eye. I understand most campuses do not have the healthiest food options but there are ways around it. One of them is NOT starving yourself, so if you are thinking about it then stop right now and read these tips on how you can eat healthy while on a college budget/with a meal plan. It is recommended that we eat three meals and three snacks. On top of classes, job, and sports that is not very realistic for a full time college student to do; but here are a few tips to help you get your healthy train moving:

  1. Self-motivation is the most important thing you will need; you have to WANT to eat healthier.

2. Drink water. I know some might not like the taste but you need it. Add fruits and mint to help stomach the taste and adding fruits will also help with digestion.


3. Have food in your dorm. I am not saying ball out on junk;

Nuts, peanut butter, whole wheat bread, whole wheat crackers, and Belvita cookies. There are many affordable healthy snacks you can stock up on for your dorm room.


4. Use those swipes in the café and in the café aim for the salad bar.


5. If you want to eat the more unhealthy options, remember PORTION CONTROL.


6. Walk everywhere you need to go on campus. Avoid driving or using the shuttle. Getting fresh air in the lungs does the body good.


7. Some campuses have meal equivalents so you don’t have to use your flex dollars. If your school does not, then try to limit what you spend your flex dollars on so they can last the whole semester.

Happy Healthy Eating and Good Luck! #HCXO