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ADM Fashion Show 2020: Ethno-Synthesis

Last year, ADM’s Ethno-synthesis fashion show showcased the masterpieces of a group of undergraduate students, celebrating ethinic traditions and cultures and merging them with technology such as light and sound.

[bf_image id="6q2m6rwkg7nmvp5cb9xxb8r"] Like many others, attending a fashion show was a first for me, and I had no idea what to expect. Entering the dark basement with nervous students and excited, camera-wielding guests clustered around the room, the stage was effectively yet simply set with two rows of LED lights forming the runway. 

The show debuted with ADM undergraduate student Siti’s ensemble, showcasing a headdress and silky fabrics in mixed prints that lit up with each beat of the Kompang, a popular Malay percussion instrument. Her pieces were inspired by her love of her culture, especially music and dance, which she feels plays a large part in uniting her community.

Inspired by Chinese culture and the problem of the fast fashion industry, Soo Xien’s piece is composed of two separates with mandarin collars, the simplicity of which emphasised the outerwear with two red panels and a different one with shirt collars in the middle. The ensemble reminds us of how fast fashion has enabled us to do with low prices and ever-changing designs tailored to suit changing preferences.

True to the theme of fusing the concepts of ethnic traditions with technology and form, each look that was paraded down the runway was a unique interpretation of each designer’s experience in their lives thus far. Whether it was a close-to-the-heart commentary on the happenings in Hong Kong, or art created in memory of their families, each performance provided a fresh insight and their individual takes expressed through painstakingly designed and made couture.


Here were the looks of the night:

Designer: Jessical Chen

[bf_image id="mf6vxx4gxsmjchzh3rvjvt"]

[bf_image id="673mcb6xbtns6sjcp998hqx"]


Designer: Shariffah Nur Alawiyah Binte Syed Kassim Al-Muthar

[bf_image id="k4vx5jgx48zs9gz33ctjw7"] [bf_image id="7gjx87vcbhc79ff59jngxqtv"]


Designer: Siti Nur Faisha​

[bf_image id="6htf3jjrrzt9sgkmtbq5c9sb"] [bf_image id="g577w4brk9x6jpxm8k57jr"]


Designer: Yee Soo Xien

[bf_image id="tz7ncv68wj2t2pcxbr7b2j38"] [bf_image id="7fvjmcfstg2vhx372p38qw9k"]


Designer: Gerald Lai​

[bf_image id="hnbtpf3kp8jr6qw8q4qhjzh8"] [bf_image id="ccjstt4h4xf4fpj2k4b6pm"]


Designer: Han Yun​

[bf_image id="7679bnz9c3g977cxjp5fx49"]


Designer: Li Xuan

[bf_image id="ws5zsjmrswrwtffvhb9897bp"] [bf_image id="p4945hfj52gp4vwg8k5stfp"]


Designer: Zherrine Chan

[bf_image id="bmqt8jbpmbtz9m4pvq9grkmt"]


Designer: Xin Yun​

[bf_image id="mk8v3s6k4kqbhbr8kr895mh"]

We would like to sincerely thank Assoc. Professor Galina Mihaleva, students Gerald Lai and Shariffah Nur Alawiyah for the media invitation to Ethno-synthesis 2020.

Nicole Ng

Nanyang Tech '24

The real-life Emily Charlton from The Devil Wears Prada. Reach her at nicolengxinen@gmail.com.
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