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Staying on top of your schoolwork is always a problem. With friends, boyfriends, jobs, clubs, sports, exercising, and eating right there always seems to be a reason for not having your work done. But, you don’t have to freak out do some of these simple tips to keeping your life together and the rest of this semester won’t be too terrible. Get a planner…. And actually use it

I write everything down in my planner. Not only will it be there for when I can’t remember it, but writing it down helps me remember what I need to do so sometimes I don’t even need to look at it. Just having the safety net of it being written down works wonders. It will also make me feel like my life is together even if it isn’t.


Write all due dates down in the monthly calendar part of your planner

By writing down all of the big due dates and other events on the monthly planner part, you can look at the month as a whole and see when you’ll have time to do what. Sometimes due dates get confusing when only using the weekly part and you can think you have more time than you do by using the monthly planner you can avoid this.


Write work assigned for the next class in the weekly part of your planner

Even if you professor gave you all the homework written down on the syllabus you should write it in your planner. This makes life so much easier and prevents forgetting to do work for class. When you write the homework in the weekly planner all of the work you need to do is all in one spot and you can’t forget to do something because you forgot to look at the syllabus.


Break up big projects into smaller more do able parts


If you take a big project that seems like soo much work it becomes scary and break it up it becomes more manageable and do able. Break it up into 3 or 4 parts and take those part and break them up into smaller parts and slowly work your way through the project. Have a goal to have each part done by a certain point. This also helps you from doing a huge project the night before it is due.

Try to start assignments early

I know everyone loves to procrastinate (I love it too). But there is a difference between procrastinating for an hour of so and procrastinating for days. A little procrastination can be go for you and help you refocus on the assignment.Too much procrastination and you’ll be trying to write a 10 page paper 3 hours before it is due. Even if you only start the project by coming up with what you are doing ad doing some research for it, that way if you do procrastinate the rest of it you’ll have something to work with and you won’t have a complete mental break down over it.

Hope you all have productive semester Valiants!

Hi!! I'm Stacey! I'm a Senior at Manhattanville College! Class of 2016! I'm a Early Childhood Education and English Lit. major!! I'm the Secretary for Her Campus Mville.
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