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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mville chapter.

No one tells you how stressful senior year in college actually is. Up until the start of senior year, I had never experienced the amount of stress, nerves, anxiety, and questioning that I do now. Everything hits you at once.  

It is the time where you actually have to sit down and think what is next in life. Will you continue your education by going to grad school? Will you start applying for jobs? Will you move back in with your parents or find a place of your own? Millions of unanswered questions will go through your mind.


While trying to figure out your life, you have to remember that you still are a senior in college. You still have to write papers, you still have to study for tests, you still have to attend classes.


How does one balance being a student while trying to get their resume together, apply for jobs, life planning, and maintaining a social life that makes you happy and gets your mind off everything for a while?  

It’s hard.



Shut off those worries about the future for a minute to focus on the present and take some deep breaths.


Don’t try to do everything at once.

Pace yourself. One day work on current school assignments. One day search for jobs that you can apply to. One day work on your resume.

Don’t have a million tabs open trying to do everything at once. You will get it all done on time. I promise.


Make the most out it.

Senior year is bittersweet. Yes, you are insanely stressed out at times, but it is also the best time of being a college student. It is your last year of “freedom” before it’s time to face the real world. Go out with your friends. Get food at 3 in the morning. Enjoy everything the college lifestyle has to offer because most likely once you graduate in May, you’ll be saying goodbye to all that.


Marisa is a senior at Manhattanville College where she is a Communications Major and Marketing Minor. She is a Social Media intern for Her Campus. When Marisa is not scrolling through social media she is either shopping, eating ice cream, or watching the bachelor. 
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