Review: Wildflower Phone Cases

I don’t know about you, but my iPhone is my baby. I honestly don't know what I would do without it. Not only does it keep me organized with all the different apps and such, but it also keeps me connected to those I love and care about. However, I've always witnessed so many people with damage phone screens. Many people don't protect their iPhone because they love the way it looks. Especially now that it comes in rose gold and other fun colors. I personally always keep my phone protected with a glass screen cover and a phone case. I don't just buy any phone case. I like to make sure I have a good quality phone case that's also stylish.

The first time I heard of Wildflower Phone cases was thanks to watching a YouTuber. Then I saw the cases in person at Beautycon NYC back in 2014. I loved the way the cases looked and always promised I would buy one. However, I was a bit hesitate because of the price. The cases typically range from 35 to 40 dollars which is a lot. For that amount of money I could buy at least two or three tops from H&M or treat myself to a dinner. Then one day I realized that each phone case is handmade which is what makes it unique and a little bit expensive for your phone. No case is exactly the same and when you recieve it you have a unique one of a kind piece. 

One day I caved a purchased my first phone case from them. It had a floral pattern with matte black studs. This case is no longer avaliable because each case is limited edition. If you want it, it's best to buy it as soon as possible so you don't miss out! If you're not looking to splurge that much for a case, I usually purchase mine when there is a sale. For example, I purchased all of my Wildflower cases on Black Friday because they were discounted and I got free shipping. Most of the cases were marked down to 28 dollars and others as low as 10 or 14 dollars depending on the case. I picked up two new cases for the price of one marked down case. Each one was 14 dollars and I spent 28 dollars in total thanks to free shipping. 

When it comes to protection, I believe that their cases are really durable. I've dropped my phone countless times with a Wildflower case on and never did the case or my phone suffer any damage. The side bumpers really help protect your phone screen so there are no cracks which I love. I like to think the case has shock proof so when your phone drops the impact isn't as crazy.

The reason why I love Wildflower cases is because like I mentioned they're unique handmade pieces. They have a design for everyone no matter your taste or style.They also do collaborations with some of your favorite social media stars or YouTubers such as Niki and Gabi Demartino, Amanda Steele and more! They do a good job at bringing something new to the table and I personally have never seen anything like their phone cases anywhere else.

So, is it worth it? I say yes if you're looking to buy a really good phone case that won't crack, get damaged and will keep your phone in top condition. Also, if you plan to have your phone for a long period of time just buying one phone case from them will be an investment. I had the same Wildflower phone case on for a year and it worked perfectly. Be sure to check out their cases at!