Registration Week Horror



Its that time of the semester again; Registration Week. Registration week is the most stressful time of the school year.


It all starts off with an email a few weeks before registration begins letting you know what day and time you are allowed to start registering. You would think that as you become an upperclassmen that your registration day and time would be great and you will be able to get into every class you hope for but nope think again. You’re stuck as a second semester junior with yet another crappy time slot.


Going through list and list of class options, putting more classes then you actually need in your bucket getting hopeful that maybe no one else will want the same classes you picked.


1st day of registration: you constantly check the number of available spots go up and down. Then what’s next? Of course you email the professor of the class in hopes that they will agree to signing you into the class if you cannot get in.


But WHY WOULD YOU GET A YES FROM THEM? Of course they will they you that there is some rule for them to not be able to sign you in and to try again next year. (Lucky you if you actually find a teacher who is willing to sign you into class without a problem.)


Now your first choice class are filled up and your second choice numbers are getting low too. You’ll get more frustrated and probably want to cry, maybe even say something stupid like you're going to dropping out.


But then the typical registration week phrase will be told to you, “It will all work out in the end, and you’ll get classes you want”.

Is this really true though? After all the stress and aggravation do you really end up getting what classes you want? Are able to find an open seat at some point between now and when the class starts? You tell me!