New Semester, New You

*Cue in the dramatic music* “Dear Last Semester, thank you for showing me that I need to get my sh*t together and avoid procrastination at all cost. Sincerely, The Freshman That Thought First Semester Would Be A Breeze.”


Ah! The first semester may have been the most challenging thing a first-year student may have to go through. Between trying to join every club, maintain a social life, keep up with the drama, etc. we tend to forget why we came here in the first place. I hope the tips listed below will help you have an even more successful second semester.



Procrastination. Something we all love to do but hate the consequences that come with it. This semester tries to look at your syllabus and plan out your assignments. We are no longer waiting until the day before the deadline to type a six-page paper. Purchase a calendar, agenda or even make a bullet journal to keep on top of your work. also, AVOID Netflix at all cost! It may sound nice to watch Stranger Things and ignore your assignments but Stranger Things won’t get you a degree!



Don’t get me wrong we all love when our friends text the group chats with spontaneous last minute plans but when you have a truckload of work it can put you in a bad place. This semester before you go out or have late night gatherings double check if you’re in a good place with your school work. Although it sounds fun to pick up and leave you don’t want to regret not complete your assignments to the best of your abilities.


Spending Money

Let’s be a bit realistic here, it’s hard as hell to save your money when Amazon Prime has free two-day shipping! I mean why not buy a Rick and Morty mug that’ll like nice in my dorm..possibly. We spend so much money on unneeded things but when it’s time to buy books and supplies we tend to have less than $10 in our banking accounts. This semester focus on spending money on things you need or will like to do before buying that cute romper from Forever 21.



Stress, Stress, and Stress. College can be very overwhelming with assignments and responsibility. If you feel overwhelmed or stressed take time out of your week to plan an hour of relaxation. You can do a face mask or catch up on shows but anything that can ease the stress will help you perform better and have a clean bill of health.


Good luck this semester! Xoxo