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Making Time for Yourself

Life can get really busy. You can go days and weeks without finding alone time to simply relax. You might find time to be alone but you’re not relaxing you’re probably cramming in work or doing things you should’ve done a while ago. However with all this busyness we must find time to simply detox from everything that has been going on and do something we love. I personally love to read and find myself more calm minded and focused afterwards however I struggle to find the time to. I find myself doing something all the time which can be exhausting. Not finding time for yourself can lead to a gulf of emotion building up. Ways in which you can start to get ahead of things and make time for yourself are:

1) Being more organised: this is something I need to improve on as I procrastinate and leave everything last minute which is a continuous cycle of constant work. Doing little by little each day will make finding time to relax that bit easier.

2) Living in the present: by living in the present it’s doing things you need to do soon and not worrying about irrelevant things. By having a clear mind on what you’re doing, you’ll get work done easier and feel more calm and collected.

3) Plan: planning your day and making a list of what needs to be done will make you find time for yourself. You’ll get things done quicker this way which will help you free up a day that you can spend doing something you love, whether it be binge watching the new Netlfix show everyone’s raging about or just simply reading a book.

It’s always important to find time to stop thinking about everything we have to do and reflect on what we’ve already accomplished. We find it hard to find alone time in the mist of working, socialising and studying but it doesn’t make it less important. After constantly being on the move for days straight I try to make sure I find time to clear my head about everything, reflect and do something I enjoy. I have friends and family who are the same but can tell that they’re so overwhelmed with constantly doing something that they don’t find time for themselves. So ladies… when life is getting too much or before life gets too much make sure you find time to spend it on you.

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