A List of Underrated YouTube Beauty Gurus

  1. Alissa Ashley - Alissa Ashley

Alissa is known for her platinum blonde and iconic buzz-cut, which she totally rocks by the way! Her makeup skills are flawless and her photography skills are phenomenal.

  1. Kyrah Stewart - Kyrah Stewart

Kyrah and her husband Kaelin run their family YouTube account “The Edwards Family.” Guided by their Christian faith, Kyrah and Kaelin often post vlogs of their home, personal daily life, and their baby Karter. Kyrah has her own account, where she posts gorgeous makeup tutorials and beauty tips.


  1. Claudia Sulewski - Claudia Sulewski

    Formerly known as BeyondBeautyStar, Claudia is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle YouTuber. Her videos mainly circulate around her wardrobe, makeup collection, and apartment. She is known for her cool, indie aesthetic.


  1. Arden Rose - Arden Rose

    Like Claudia, Arden is also known for the indie vibe she gives off in her videos. Arden’s makeup tutorials are very natural. Also, her super-short bob is so cute! Arden’s sense of humor is actually pretty satisfying too.


  1. Adelaine Morin - Adelaine Morin

    Adelaine is a very fun YouTuber and her videos will definitely keep you entertained. She loves the color yellow and all things bright. Her smile is contagious and her videos are bound to put you in a good mood!