A Letter to Carrie Fisher

To the late Carrie Fisher,

I can remember sitting on my sofa, holding my big brother’s Yoda stuffed animal, watching you fight for freedom. I remember thinking how awesome it would be to fight like you, stand up for what I believe like you, and to be as badass as you.

You were my first role model. You taught me the true meaning of fighting like a girl. I was seven when I first saw you grace the big screen. Later I saw you in  “Blues Brothers”, “Lover Boy”, and “When Harry met Sally”.  Nothing ever compared to Princess Leia Organa. Princess Leia chose to fall in love with someone who wasn’t a prince, who was a smuggler, she chose to see his better half. Leia went through so much: losing her parents, her planet, but no matter what she had her mission. Her cause, that drove her passion.

Then I grew up, happily leaving the inspirational image of Leia on my poster, and in the back of my mind, helping me through my days, and keeping me motivated.  When I was eighteen you became a role model for me yet again, but for your mental health advocacy.  Bipolar disorder is a scary disease. Addiction is a scary disease. But you powered through, and you were able to look back at the past and laugh at yourself, and more importantly you were able to laugh with yourself. You stood up for mental health rights before many others even thought to do it. You were open, and told people that it was okay to talk about your mental health problems. Mental health was important, and you took charge, using your celebrity status to help those in need.

Thank you Carrie Fisher, for always being a role model to me through the different stages of my life, and even in death. We will always remember you being drowned in moonlight, strangled in your own bra. You took death with grace, we’ll miss you always.


A fan