Crazy for Coconut Oil

        Coconut oil is one of today’s top trends because it is natural and has many uses. I personally use coconut oil regularly, since it is extremely versatile and beneficial. Here are a few ideas to put coconut oil to great use:


Makeup Remover: I add some coconut oil to a makeup remover pad and dab it onto my eyelids. Coconut oil works to remove eyeliner like a charm.


Face Moisturizer: I tend to massage my face with coconut oil after showering. I keep it on my face for about 10-15 minutes, then wash it off with water. This leaves my face feeling fresh and smooth.


Hair Care: Coconut oil is wonderful for hair! It tames frizz and leaves your hair feeling moisturized.


Cooking: I love cooking with coconut oil. I would recommend making scrambled eggs with coconut oil. They taste great!