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5 Ways to Help You Forget The Cold

This past week was the first day of spring aka my favorite season. Everything gets so pretty in the spring, flowers bloom, the days get longer, and the temperature gets warmer. This whole snowing in spring thing really just is not for me. Do not get me wrong I love snow and winter but, it is almost April and I have had enough of it. I am in desperate need of sunshine and warmth. Since when you step outside it does not feel like spring, here are 5 things you can do to help you forget the snow and cold that is currently outside. Maybe we’ll be able to get through this cold together.


1. Take your favorite sundress and pair it with a cute sweater and some boots. It is a great way to change up your winter wardrobe that we are all tired of wearing by now.


2. Change up your clothes instead of wearing all black wear some pastel or bright colors. This will put you in a spring mood even if the weather isn’t saying spring.


3. Go to the store and buy some fresh flowers to put in your room. Not only will they make your room smell nice, but they will make you feel better every time you look at them.


4. Do some spring-cleaning. Clean out your closet get rid of anything you don’t wear anymore. Clean your room and get rid of stuff you don’t need. If you do it now while it is still cold when it gets warm you will be able to enjoy it and not have to spend 5 hours searching for your sunglasses and shorts.


5. Do some shopping. Nothing is better than getting new spring and summer clothes. New dresses, bathing suits, shorts, and sandals are probably one of my favorite parts of the season.

Hi!! I'm Stacey! I'm a Senior at Manhattanville College! Class of 2016! I'm a Early Childhood Education and English Lit. major!! I'm the Secretary for Her Campus Mville.
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