There is something comforting about waking up every morning with your significant other by your side and then going to class, coming back and hanging out with your significant other. At first, it seems like a good idea. You get to see the person you are dating every day and all the time. But it could all come crashing down. A breakup with someone on campus is no easy task. You still see them… everyday. Even though you’re not together anymore. Here are some tips on how to deal with living on a campus with your ex.


   1. Take Some Time To Heal


Depending on how badly the relationship ended, take some time for yourself. Even if being friends is an option, wait some time and build a friendship. Do not talk to them every day and distance yourself before you are ready to have a friendship with them.


   2.   Stay Strong


If the relationship ended on bad terms, don’t let it affect your everyday life. Yes, seeing them is going to suck especially if it ended with blow up fighting or cheating, but show how strong you could be and focus on hanging out with friends, challenging yourself to do new things and SCHOOL.


   3.  Create A New Normal


Your normal day was probably waking up next to your significant other, getting ready, going to breakfast with them, going to class, going back to their room to do homework, going to dinner with them, watch a movie or tv then go to sleep. If the relationship was long you may be thinking, “ok now what?” Creating a new normal is difficult because hanging out with them 24/7 was what you were used to but go back to what it was like before you even met them. You can have a great day without them!


I have been going through this, 4 weeks in and I’m getting used to my new normal. I hold these 3 truths very close to me especially when I see my ex in the halls, walking to class and going to the cafe. “I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong”, Audrey Hepburn once said this and I find myself repeating this statement in the most trying times. If you are going through this too, you will be okay.