What To Do and What Not To Do at the Gym

Ellipticals, free weights, Smith machine, dumbbells. Gyms are intimidating for some, and a home to others. Gyms are where people go after work or before class just to get some time in for the day, or where they end their day because they need “me time.” A gym is a great place to cast out your anger, thoughts, and goals without having to really deal or speak to anyone. That being said, there are just a couple ‘rules’ you may want to look into before walking in…

What to DO:

1. Be confident

The gym is intimidating, once again. But when you walk in, have a sense of knowing what you are there to do. If you have questions, more than likely, there are staff there waiting to assist you in any way that they can. Pick up those weights with some sense and no one will bother or question you. Confidence is key, you are not there to impress anyone but yourself, so push yourself to the limit.

2. Be kind

Kindness is a language everyone can speak, and it is the best one to speak at the gym. Don’t laugh at the person who may weigh more than you, they might be there to change that number on the scale. If you see someone obviously struggling, lend them a helping hand. Today at the gym, my roommate and I were working out when a young male stopped on his way out to help correct her on her form. He was not belittling her, but simply looking out for her and now she knows what to do. 

3. Mind your business

Although it is great to be helpful, a majority of the time you may want to just stay in your lane. People do not need you breathing down their necks or watching them intensely. 

What NOT to do:

1. Take up space

Don't take all of the dumbbells off the racks and leave them lying around or never re-rack your weights. Simple. Don't be that person. 

2. Be the ‘know it all’

Just because you may see someone doing something slightly differently than you does not mean you have to be their personal trainer. There is a big difference between lending a helping hand and talking down because you think you know it all.

3. Pressure others

One thing I hate is when someone is standing by too close when I am obviously not finished with a set and are expecting me to be in that very moment. It is frustrating and it puts so much pressure on me to do 'better' in a sense, and I feel rushed. It is just very rude to do that to someone. Don't stare, don't stand too close, and don't loiter. 

Following these simple rules will make your gym experience that much more enjoyable. People are at the gym to be better versions of themselves. Let them have their “me time” and you can have yours.