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How to Live Minimally in a Small Space

Moving from a large space into a small space can be hard. It's difficult to downsize all of your stuff, especially when moving into a dorm or apartment while at college. Here are six tips to live minimally in any space. 

1. Make sure everything has a place—no junk drawer! 

One thing I tried to make sure of when I downsized was that everything had its own place. Not a place on a dresser or a nightstand, but in a drawer or container. Once you put something in its place, it’s easier to find, and easier to stay organized.  


2. Don’t keep things you don’t use.  

I used to keep all kinds of things: random journals, coffee mugs, and charging cords for electronics I didn’t even own anymore. When I downsized, I threw out or gave away everything I didn’t have a use for. Don’t take up space with things you don’t need! 


3. Make sure your room is set up for optimal use of storage and space. 

Storage containers that are cute are easy to find and can be relatively cheap. Invest in them to make sure everything has its place! 


4. Don’t let your space become crowded. 

Tidy up daily, use as few pieces of furniture as possible, and make sure you have enough room for activities. 

Photo via Scott Webb

5. Lighten up! 

Excess décor can make a room feel crowded—make sure that your décor matches the vibe you’re going for, and don’t overdo it. 


6. Clean out your wardrobe every 6 months.  

If you haven’t worn it in six months, donate or sell it. If you feel attached to it, give it a trial period; if you don’t wear it within that period, get rid of it. Since I’ve started living by this rule, I’ve donated and sold a pretty good chunk of my wardrobe, and I’ve never missed one item that I’ve gotten rid of.  

Lauren is a junior studying History and Education at Murray State. She enjoys reading, spends an unhealthy amount of time on Twitter, and takes long naps as often as she can. She loves the oxford comma, going to concerts, and watching Try Guys videos to avoid doing homework. You can find her on Instagram (@laurenedminster) and Twitter (also @laurenedminster).
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