Don't Be Afraid Of Change

Life is short. Like, really short. People tend to like routine, comfort, repetition, and safety. However, making that first jump out of your comfort zone can make you realize that there is so much more to life than the small bubble we are used to. I always heard the phrase “finding yourself,” but I never knew what that meant until I made my first decision to take a leap out of my comfort zone.

I went to a super small, private school for most of my life. I was surrounded by people just like me – same religion, matching uniforms, similar lifestyles, etc. I started to get tired of the same people, the same routine, and same choices. I decided to go to a very diverse and different public school for my four years of high school. This is one of the best decisions I think I have ever made. I was exposed to so many people, cultures, stories, views, religions, and I finally started to form my individual opinions based on everything I noticed there.

During those years of high school, I learned what it means to find yourself. I realized that I had the ability to be myself, a unique person with beliefs that can be different than my friends and family. And that’s ok. I found traits about myself that I didn’t realize I had until I put them into practice. For example, I tried so many new things at my high school. I joined new clubs, sports, and activities that weren’t available at my old school. After doing these new things, I figured out that I enjoy change and get bored easily without it. 

Photo by Simon Migaj

Getting out of my comfort zone taught me so much about myself and makes me want to explore more of the world. I want to keep trying new experiences, saying yes to plans, and savoring of every second of this short life. Whether it’s traveling somewhere far away, telling a crush how you feel, skydiving, changing your major, trying a new food, or getting a tattoo, just go for it! You’ll start to like spontaneous choices because it makes life more interesting. There's so much out there to explore.

I know that getting out of your comfort seems scary. You like your routine and fitting in with others. However, don’t you want to look back and realize how full your life was? Instead of sitting around and canceling plans, take those chances. Something amazing could happen and you can have the chance to truly find yourself.