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Breastfeeding Duty: It’s Dad’s Turn!

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Parenting is believed to be a mutual responsibility in an ever-productive world like ours, where newbie fathers are keen on contributing to nurturing their kids equally as the mothers. But still, many duties are not biologically possible to be shared by both parents; breastfeeding is a prominent one among those. Mothers, especially working mothers, have a tough time managing their work, running errands, and regularly feeding their infants.

But as the wise have said, nothing seems impossible in the coming times with the ever-evolving technology, be it flying cars, foldable smartphones, AI-generated content, and whatnot. As we recognize and celebrate the role of mothers this World Breastfeeding Week, let us talk about a technological innovation that has made it possible for dads to breastfeed their newborns too.

At the 2019 SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, Dentsu (a tech firm from Japan) showcased its new breastfeeding system known as the ‘Father’s Nursing Assistant‘. This wearable device lets dads feed babies as their moms would and promotes skin-to-skin contact between fathers and infants. One of the fake “breasts” holds the milk or formula and the other contains the nipple system. The baby can only nurse on one side. The device doesn’t just feed the baby, it also tracks data about the baby’s nursing sessions and transmits the info to any smartphone.

Other than these newly developed technologies, there are plenty of existing products in the market as well that have made the lives of new parents easier and simpler. to name a few:

  • Breast pumps
  • Breast milk containers
  • Breast shells and creams
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Disposable or washable nursing pads
  • Several full-time breastfeeding assistance apps are out there, that can provide a solution to all the difficulties faced by new parents, be it the availability of hydrogel pads or booking an appointment with a lactation consultant, or be it helping you find a great e-book to read with one hand while you feed your new-born.

Although these advancements bring numerous perks to the nursing parent, they face backlash from a certain section of society who believe that a baby should be nurtured organically, and that such close contact of a newborn with complex devices and artificial materials can have an adverse effect on their health in the long run. The debate on which is best between organic health build and tech-savvy growth is never-ending as everything has its pros and cons. Still, we can’t turn a blind eye to the fact towards these innovations in the field of breastfeeding. They are no less than a boon for parents who struggle with time, hormonal imbalance, or lack of external assistance from friends and family in their infant care phase.

More power to the parents, the innovators, and all our readers on this breastfeeding week.

Kashish Adwani is the editor at her campus at Muj chapter. She loves penning down thoughts and opinions about life, society, human psychology, dreams, food, and book reviews. beyond her campus, she loves writing poetry, and prose and has published a couple of fan-fictions too on some of the popular web-novel platforms. currently, she is working on her first book. On the academic front, she is pursuing a bachelor's degree of B.tech in information technology from MUJ. She is a budding Android app developer who is also a data analytics and design enthusiast. She is a bibliophile, and an ambivert who loves socializing and talking with fellows about literally anything, but also cherishes the peace and content that she gets by sitting in silence all by herself. She believes your words hold the potential of becoming a weapon and bringing a smile to your audience's faces all at once, the only condition is if you know how to choose them wisely or not.