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Women’s Heath: Benefits Of Eating Mindfully

We’re human beings, right? And we all love food, right? That yummy, cheesy pizza from the Tav or a quick trip to Chipotle sounds delicious! #Literally it does, though. 

Instead of thinking about fueling our bodies because our cells need fat and carbs, we tend to think about how orgasmic the food we’re eating is and then we can’t stop. It’s just too good! I’ve definitely felt that. #damnstraight

So what do you do? We’re possibly overeating, gaining weight, feeling a lack of energy, or not getting the proper nutrition needed at the right time. 

Obviously, we’re in college and seriously WHEN is there time to even think about eating more frequent meals that are smaller? But, I think if we minimize our eating habits while still keeping it healthy and delish, we may benefit overall and not feel so sluggish or fat or gross or however we feel sometimes!


Essentially we want the cells in our bodies to maintain normalcy or a sort of balance. If the body gets hungry, it can snack on the fat stored in the body. If the body needs energy, it can grab on to the carbohydrates in the body. 


Basically, eating 3 large meals per day to tide you over may be doing more harm than good because by eating that large plate of bacon, eggs, and potatoes for breakfast from the dining hall, it may confuse the body’s cells into not knowing what is what because there’s just SO much of it. 

Do you ever wonder why you feel or think you feel so incredibly hungry, even though you ate a large breakfast, lunch, or dinner and now feel tired and grossly full? Food gets turned into glucose. Glucose gives us energy. It comes from all the food we eat (very high in carbs). Eating that large breakfast will absolutely release a similarly large amount of glucose into our body, which then releases insulin to get the glucose to our cells so we can use it. #ugh #what We may not even need glucose yet! But, by glucose being used, our bodies think it’s gone and that we need more. Hence, more food. More eating. Gaining weight. Overeating. Sluggishness. Etc.

Basically, without getting too sciencey, it would be preferable to our bodies overall health and mental happiness to eat smaller and more frequent meals so that our cells can work efficiently and maintain balance. Instead of swiping into the CR and getting two large plates of food, why not swipe in and get one plate of food? Eat until you feel satisfied, but not full. Eat half of the sandwich and save the other half for later. EAT BREAKFAST! Drink lots of water before a meal so you can fill your belly with some good ole’ H2O! Take a look at my other article on the importance of water! Make your own trail mix and have a small snack so that your lunches and dinners can be smaller. Exercise!

It’s easy to say: eat less, eat more mindfully and healthfully, and eat frequently. Bur, it’s also easier said than done. Who doesn’t want to eat an entire pizza from the Tavern? It’s so good and cheesy! But don’t forget, the pizza will be there the next day. One slice is better than two at one time. Be mindful. Be happy. Eat mindfully. Eat happily. Use food for good and not evil. And as the article has said, eat less and more frequent meals because then maybe you won’t feel so fatigued, slothful, or like you have a #foodbaby. 

As Yoda would say, “Patience you must have my young Padawan”, so be patient with yourself. Maintaining bodily normalcy and changing the routine you keep is super hard! So do like Yoda and just give yourself time and patience and you’ll be with the force.  

Anyway, I hope this was helpful! Health with me next week because it’s gonna be super exciting! #dealingwithperiods

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HELLO! My name is Sabrina and I'm a Muhlenberg senior theatre major with a concentration in acting, so I love to play! Health is something that I'm super interested in, and I want to get other people interested in it as well. In case you want to know more about my health process, I have a personal blog where you learn more about me and how I deal with it while at school and back home...basically all of the time we are all #healthing. Check me our here: https://sweetbowlofkale.wordpress.com and on HerCampus so we can all be happy and healthy together :)
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