Women’s Health: 10 Tips & Tricks To Help Your Hair, Skin and Nails

Hey y’all! If winter has been a total damper on your body, don’t worry because spring has finally sprung, so it’s time to get moisturizing!

Here are 10 simple tips & tricks to helping your hair, skin, and nails feel healthy again ☺

1.     Use Coconut Oil

This substance can be found at any supermarket, so get shopping! Seriously though coconut oil, which I think I’ve mentioned before, is great for EVERYTHING. I suggest using plain old coconut oil as a hair mask. Put it all over your hair at night, sleep in it with a hair cap, and wash it out in the morning #perfection. After showering, lay a thin layer of it on your body for moisturizing purposes. At night, you can also rub it all over your cuticles for nice, smooth, and lovely nails! 

2.     Take Calcium

If your nails break often, and you haven’t found out how to keep them strong and gorgeous, try taking a calcium supplement! Or just eat more foods that already have calcium in them, like yogurt, dark leafy greens (kale or broccoli), almonds, or fish.

3.     Wash Your Hair Less

Wash your hair less often, if you notice it getting super dry. Our hair and skin produce natural oils that get stripped away if we wash them too much. #forreal

4.     Change Your Shampoo

If you notice your scalp producing dandruff or your hair is just really dry, change up your product! Buy a new shampoo, preferably one that has no parabens or alcohol in it.

5.     Buy or Make Scrubs

If your skin is just dry, dry, dry, buy or make your own scrub! The simplest scrub to make is a sugar scrub with honey and brown sugar or ground up almonds. If you buy your scrub, I recommend one that is light and quite simple. Usually, stores sell scrubs that are separate for your face and body. Try both, if you can!

6.     Take Omega-3

Not only are Omega-3 fatty acids great for inside your body, but they’re also amazing for keeping your hair & nails healthy as well! You can get your Omega-3’s by eating more fish, healthy fats, or simply by taking a supplement. I recommend freezing the supplements because they’re easier to take when cold.

7.     Don't Forget Your H2O

Literally drink more water. If you feel dry in your skin, hair, nails, just all over, it could seriously be as simple as drinking more water. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s recommended to drink about half your body weight of water in ounces per day.

8.     Take Vitamin B

Vitamin B contains biotin, which is said to be great for strengthening nails. If you don’t want to take supplements, you can find it naturally in certain foods like bananas, grains (like oatmeal or whole wheat bread), eggs, and dairy products. There are other sources as well, so use your bff google to do some searching in case these foods don’t look as good to you ☺

9.     Use Lip Balm

I know it’s obvious, but in just in case, carry around lip balm with you wherever you go! It’s still fairly cold out, so before spring really kicks in, keep your lips moist with a favorite lip balm! I recommend balms that have Vitamin E, Cocoa, or Shea butter in them. *Coconut oil is great for lips as well.

10.   Use Oil/Cream

As a last tip, I have read and heard from many that the best time to moisturize your skin is when it’s still damp from the shower. You want your skin to have added moisture, not dry up beforehand.

Hope these tips were helpful! Even if you knew these things already, it’s always good to get a refresher! Health with me next week when I’ll be discussing the benefits of smaller, more frequent meals.