Say No to Shaving

Being a woman means there are certain expectations that have been set for us by society, especially when it comes to hygiene.  Come springtime, many of us ditch sweatpants and Uggs for dresses and sandals. With the wardrobe change comes the expectation that the hair we have let grow on our bodies during the dreary winter months should be eliminated.  

Every day you can find an article on the newest shaving substitute that you “have to try” such as waxing, hair removal products, sugaring, etc.  Not only is hair removal expensive, a study says that women will spend up to £23,000 (about $28,000) on hair removal in their lifetime. It’s also time consuming. 

I started shaving my legs when I was 13. I wanted my mom to teach me before I left for camp, so my friends and I could have our shaving parties on the picnic tables.  Since then, I’ve had to spend hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars on shaving cream, razors, scrubs, hair removal cream, and moisturizer.  The process of shaving my legs and underarms properly (aka no missed patches) is more complex than it should be.  For me, it requires exfoliating skin, taking the time to shave each section, and then moisturizing; the whole process alone can take up to an hour.

When I first started the shaving process, I felt a certain pressure to constantly have smooth legs, especially during warmer months. I would feel extremely self-conscious about people noticing how much hair I had on my legs if I didn’t have enough time to shave. Now, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve stopped caring what people think about my appearance.  I feel that, when I want to spend extra time on my appearance, it’s more for myself and less about others.  I think that everyone goes through a phase of worrying about how others see them, whether it’s about hair, clothes, or even hairy legs. 

My perspective on shaving is that it isn’t a necessity. You can live without it.  Personally, I like having smooth legs and if I let hair grow too long my skin gets irritated. However, there are many times, especially during the summer, when I’m at camp and don’t have the time to think about shaving. 

Overall, shaving is a personal choice and every person is different. So, find what works best for you, and only you.